Horrible Picture Quality on Satellite in the States

Watching the Montreal/Toronto game this afternoon. Watching on DishNetwork satellite. 3 different channels are broadcasting the game & on each the picture quality is very poor. Colors are running together, for instance the yellow on the goal posts kinf of oozes off them, also the reds of the socks , the blues, pretty much everything. Not a sharp picture at all, the worst I can remember seeing on satellite.
Last week was bad with the red of the Calgary jerseys.
The commercials seem fine, just had one for a weight loss tape that was sharp & clear as can be.
Whats up with the poor picture quality?


The CBC!

We can get crystal clear live pictures of the Australian tennis open, golf in Hong Kong & soccer from Europe. Why can't we get a decent picture from a country we have common borders with???? Its inexcusable!



I'm afraid and embarassed to tell you that it seems to be our fault up here, cause the picture quality here in Canada on my TV set us brutal as well. Edmonton's yellow and BC's Orange are running all over the field, inexcusible! Ive been trying to defend the CFL's image as of late against some people who call every little thing the CFL does "bush", but this picture quality IS bush today. Ive seen lacrosse games with better picuture quality. Not even NLL games but Rogers channel 10 local games! at least there the colour doesnt run like it keeps doing here. Just awful, if the Grey Cup is pictured like this than we yank the rights from the CBC and hand it to TSN with extreme predjudice for next year!

I am watching and dont see any problems.
The BC game is in High Deff and is great. Maybe they having a problem stepping down(if they have to do such a thing)

then again maybe the CBC didn't want to pay the duty at the border? :lol:

Mine is fine, too.....no issues here.....

your not seeing it? ducky lucks. its bad bad bad here. im not watching in high deff but my tv is only 2 yrs old and i have digital cable every channel is awful yellow and orange running everywhere...this is never a problem on tsn but its two weeks in a row now and in the playoffs. The picture on the Argo game was fine, its this one, and the Calgary game last week, wonder why.

like I said maybe stepping down the image from High to reg
I hope not thought because the Cup is is high deff as well. I hope they can fix it up by next week

Mine isn't in HD either.....

Yes it has everything to do with it. I took off the high def for these games and the one last week and not bad quality.

You took of the high deff?
I am getting great High Deff and ok regular

All my other channels down here are fine. I also noticed a harshness & rattle in the sound! When a player runs down the field its like his jersey is on fire & trailing flames!
You would think, this being a showcase for the league & an audience of millions available on satellite in the USA, they would make sure of better quality broadcast. Perhaps his is why ESPN & other major outlets don't bother showing the CFL.
I'm not here to rip the CFL, honest I like your game. Its exciting, not plagued by constant commercial breaks like football down here. Reminds me of the old AFL back in the 1960s.
The last 2 weekends make the CFL look like a tinker toy league though.


the quatily in the US is bad, the color (like Blue and Red) runs, it sucks but we live with it.

I blame the american networks that show it, they have to fix that!

Just watched both games here in the UK, shown on delay. Pictures were so blocky it was like watching Real Video. Hockey Night in Canada is generally similar. Seems to be a CBC feed problem as there isn't the same issue with the TSN covered games (nor stuff from American networks).

Bad networks make the CFL look bad huh ?


Any other comments to make?

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we aren't blaming Canada, we are blaming the networks. Let us talk that way those networks will take notice.

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Canada can see the other football leagues, not that it wants to, they aren't as good as the CFL (NFL rules suck), except the AFL/VFL (which quality of program is much better on Fox sports than the other networks that show the CFL, and that is sad since it doesn't take AN OCEAN to get CFL from Canada).

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