Horrible game by Tisdale

He looked useless to me other than the interception he got courtesy of Otis Floyd who , with that play, and his own interception, won us the game.

Tisdale looked lost out there, and at times, completely useless.

Hope it’s a one game thing.

I noticed that he would have good coverage one play and the next, terrible. His consistency wasn't very good tonite.

After he got his pick, he kept looking to undercut routes and go for a pick instead of making a tackle.

Why wasn't Bradley playing very much? I saw Gordon a lot but not him.

According to the Spec,, last year the CBs were Gordon on the short side and Bradley on the wide side.

This year they opted to put Gordon on the wide side because of his lack of height being a disadvantage in jump ball situations. Putting him on the wide side gives him more time to close in on the longer pass which is usually not as accurate as the shorter passes on the short side.

So, Gordon beat out Bradley for the wide side CB position and the taller Bo Smith got the CB job on the short side.

Less so lost than looking into the backfield too much and cheating on the ball. Smith made some mistakes, but he was tackling well late in the game. Gordon was too soft in coverage vs. Simon at times. Chris Thompson was the most consistent guy out there in the secondary and the LIons avoided him for whole stretches.

Tisdale has to focus on his guy...the picks will come if he remains focused and keeps position to make plays against his man. Cheating on the ball gets you burned and before long, it's curtains. He can play, he has to get the correct perspective IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

yeah, i noticed him goin for the pic a few times after he did get the pic return for a TD, and i believe it was on the last TD BC got, he got burned there.

And it looked to me like Tisdale could have and should have prevented that late BC TD from happening. He appeared to have Arceneux covered, but…

I can’t say I’ve been impressed with Bo Smith either.

Not sure whose call it was to let Arsenault (sp) get a free release to the 1-yard line on second and long, but if I'm Greg Marshall, I jam that sumbitch up, particularly if I'm calling a blitz (as he did). Maybe the package didn't allow for the jam at the line?


Coach Sal picked him for one of the game stars, I believe

Maybe the game film will prove him wrong...NOT!!!

tisdale looked a lot better than smith last night.

That Coaching it will come with Time.. Tisdale is Keeper..

Tisdale was looking for the interception instead of making the tackle. The DB coach has to fix this problem fast our there will be bigs plays down the road. I also noticed Gordan was playing way to far off the defender. I was nothing more than a pass and catch exercise for Pearce and the recivers. The free safety was non-existend. We need someone to bring the smack in the middle. The rush ends performed fairly well - they could not get consistent pressure on Pearce. No pressure = too much time for the DB and safety to cover. Porter should hook up with Currie more often - we was open on several plays.

If you can name me one DB who hasn't looked "lost" guarding Geroy Simon at one point or another, I'll name my first born son after you. Yes Otis did a great job of pressuring Buck so he threw that ball, but let's give a little credit to Tisdale for taking it back. He had a really nice knockdown as well. I think we're still working out a few kinks, but I'd love to see some of you guys running around like that at 1:00am local. They flew in on Thursday and didn't have time to get accustomed to the time difference. I agree with Onknight, Tisdale is a keeper.

I never looked lost guarding Simon when I played DB. Of course I never made it to the CFL so I never played against Simon. Never the less, I can honestly say that I never looked lost against him. Does that count?

Umm no it doesn’t because you never guarded him, son. Nice try, though.

I never looked lost guarding Simon when I played DB. Of course I never made it to the CFL so I never played against Simon. Never the less, I can honestly say that I never looked lost against him. Does that count?
Umm no it doesn't because you never guarded him, son. Nice try, though.
Those technicalities always get me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if any of our DB’s looked lost last night it was Bo Smith… He made some nice tackles late in the game but when it came to coverage he was the weakest link, IMO…

Good post, rookie cat.

Tisdale covered Geroy Simon for much of the game last night. He covered Arland Bruce III for much of game one against the Argos. The Ticat coaching staff must believe in Tisdale to give him the toughest coverage assignments.

Tisdale has the natural speed to make up for some coverage mistakes, to stay close to a receiver, and to take an interception return a long way. He just needs to learn to use his speed to best advantage. Even on the B.C. touchdown reception by Arceneaux, Tisdale was there and saw the football coming but mistimed his jump or, perhaps more accurately, slightly overran the play by jumping when he might have able to knock down the pass without jumping at all. And he did seem to gamble more after his big interception by playing too far off the receiver in the hope of coming up with more picks. He can be taught to improve on those deficiencies. He’s a keeper.

Tisdale's interception return was the single most influential turnaround in momentum for the Ticats. It was one of the keys why the Cats won. he did go for the big play a few times too many last night but he can work on that and I liked that he was playing aggressive. too often over the past three years the ticats D has not played aggressive enough. And trying to cover Geroy ain't easy... he did an ok job. Certainly could have been better but good enough for now.

As my comments earlier suggest, TIsdale can play. He has to work on not cheating on the ball, maintain focus on the guy he's covering, and the pick opportunities will continue to come. Fixable things when you have talent. Geoff does. I am sure this will be addressed at the team meetings this week.

Oski Wee Wee,

Tisdale was picked on quite a bit and had the toughest match ups, Jackson and Simon all game, but his coverage was tight. The one guy who played a lot worse was Bo Smith, they need to replace him if they're going to replace anyone.