I rember reading somewhere that horns are forbidden....is it the air horns? or the kind you blow into, I wana being my blowhorn, and nto hafta leave it behind, iv come rather attached to it over the years, seeing as it was with me when we went to the cup in 99:)

It says right in the fine print on the back of the ticket, "Fans who are so inconsiderate as to blow horns in other fans ears risk the horn being shoved into unwanted areas of the blower."

Where is it again that you sit?

Some fans were stopped from bringing them in last game so you're taking a chance if you bring it. :frowning:

Right behind you.

That's gotta be creepy...

I thihnk you have the wrong horn, mines just a manual one not air in a can! Definatly wouldnt point it at anybody..I think?

The Tigertown store sells plastic long trumpet-style horns…how could they be forbidden to take to the stadium??

Because they're as annoying as hell to the 99.9% of the fans who don't use them.

I see...the same as some of the posters on this forum.

LMAO!! I hate those things. And cow bells. I hate those too.

In response to your question, Mark said that they were going to make security aware that those stinkin' horns were okay to bring into the stadium so you shouldn't have a problem. :wink:

Well, I guess if there used every 5 minutes they can be annoying…but they are good for making alotof noise when argo’s need quiet for there offence…and for all the TD’s weregoing to score!:slight_smile:

Please, everyone, do not bring any noise makers including the horns. It's opening night in the CFL, all eyes are on Hamilton, and we need to demonstrate just how prim and proper we all are. When the Ti-Cats score a simple clap of the hands shall be suffice.

Come on, guys. Let's MAKE SOME NOISE. This is football not tiddly winks.

No horns huh? Guess I can't bring the wife.

LMAO.... I almost just pulled the old "rootbeer-out-the-nose" trick!!!

Quick, somebody tell our defensive line. :wink:

Come on, guys. Let's MAKE SOME NOISE. This is football not tiddly winks.
ahahahah great line

I've been bringing my bugel to games for about 10 yrs. and never had a problem. I play "Taps" and "Off to the Races" and "Charge!" when appropriate. Don't blast people in front of you or be a general nuisance and it shouldn't be a problem. It helps to learn how to blow the thing too. Those plastic horns are annoying when they bleat repeatedly like a dying cow! As a matter of fact I'll offer a quick 10 min. lesson on horn blowing for anyone interested, before Thursday's game under the south stands. That includes those plastic tubes.They can make some cool sounds with a little practice.

oh god. the flack brass players take, especially when they offer lessons. I already know where this thread is going. ha ha.

Yeah...stick to yelling and booing. It sounds way better on TV.

god gave you those lungs for a reason -- to strike fear in the hearts of opposing QB's and boo mercilessly at boneheaded calls (...and O'Shea.)