I know there are those that are not his biggest fan, but at the end of the day I think most can appreciate where the team is now compared to where it was before him, and appreciate that he was a big part of that. Hopson was a big voice in getting the CFL to push forward with a system to force financial responsibility across the league and make the smaller markets viable...if that doesn't happen there is no team and very probably no league. I have had conversations with the man, who is extremely approachable no matter who you are, and was always left with the feeling that he is a man filled with controlled passion and good will. I know that he took a lot of pride in his role and did his best to approach everything with class while interweaving a struggling franchise into the community and watching it grow and thrive, then being able to maintain that grassroots connection and support the community in various charitable areas where the teams exposure could help.

I am really happy that the last home game was a win for him, wish him the best in his next endeavor, and he can hold his head high knowing that the next person up has big shoes to fill.

I hope that the new stadium has something integrated that will honor him, and perhaps some of the management before him.

Looking back, Hopson had some tough decisions he had to make. From the release of Shivers and Barrett, to the Eric Tillman legal fiasco, to playing a big role in pushing for a new stadium in Saskatchewan. He made this team financially sound now after the years of having to do telethons to save the Rider franchise. Thanks for what you have done Jim Hopson even if all the decisions you made weren't the most popular.

I agree with both depop and green and white. Lets face it running this team isn't probably the easiest of tasks and sometimes not the most popular either. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made that is in the best interests of the team. Not saying he didn't make a mistake or two but then who doesn't? Still the team has thrived under him and the marketing of the team is second to none in the league. Not that many years ago on game day you could walk up and get a good seat pretty much for any game. Today that has changed and you pretty much need to book a few weeks to even a month ahead to get that same seat.
This is not a bad thing but tells the interest in the Riders has grown vastly over this time period. Gone are the days of wearing paper bags over your head at the game because the team was a joke.

Yes I too would like to thank Mr Hopson for all he has done to turn this franchise from the poor country cousin into the flagship of the CFL. This is an accomplishment he should take great pride in having a hand in creating. So I tip my Rider cap to Mr Hopson and say well done.