Hopson time to do your job

It's very apparent that a change and I mean real change is needed in the coaching staff. Taman and Hopson, you are now front and centre. The Riders have made a TON of money. Head Coaches salary does not go against the cap. You can hire the best competitive staff for the entire CFL.

Interview with Miller says that he hasn't even talked with Durant and the game has been over for 10 minutes. Trestman would have been over there within seconds to just say a few words of consolation and then back to game. Great!!!

So disappointing. I thought for sure this year they would have learned from last year and win. Again my feeling is that it's not the players, it's the coaches.

The only real change that will happen as long as Taman is there is that more former Bomber staff will be coming over, and bringing their culture of losing with them.

Why do people want Miller fired? This is retarded. Plus Miller has MORE power than Taman.

I doubt it. let's be real here.