Hopson said what?

Can someone clarify a quaote by Hopson for me? He was on Newstalk650 this morning and (I may have misheard) said something like there was only about 3000 tickets remaining of regular seats for the regular season? I have had a couple people ask me this today. I'm sure he must have said 3000 remaining for the regular season opener, that I can see......

But wouldn't it be a very cool thing to sell every seat of every game before the first kickoff?

I bought my games today!

probably 3k for the majority of games

It would be awesome, although sucks for those without season tickets, if it is 3000/game. Truly it might not be more than that left. If the 22,000 season tickets sold doesn’t include flex packs, that drops the amount to regular tickets available. Also keep in mind that a specific amount of tickets are held for sponsor games and such. Do they hold a small amount of tickets available to fans from the opposing team??

I have heard that season ticket sales are through the roof this year and that there are going to be minimal tickets available for each home game. Labour day is already sold our so I have heard

Moral of the story. GET YOUR TICKETS WHILE YOU CAN! That means buy a season ticket the day the previous season ends. There are several teams in pro sports that have had season sellouts before game one. The LA Lakers this past season(08') since 1982 in fact!


I heard something a while back about possible temporary seating for the season if sales were that good... any Rider fans got something more concrete for info?

Nothing concrete but you heard right. I can't provide a link however because it was also on a radio report on News/talk 980. I wouldn't expect they could do much before labor day. If you've been to Mosaic before when temp. seating has been in place(95', 05'), you know that customer satisfaction has never been achieved entirely. But you can't please everyone!


Yeah, they really had a push on during the preseason game for the flex pack holders to get off their duffs and get their tix or there won’t be any left. I’m 100% sure that the #'s are accurate. Get your tix now if you want to see the Green and White live this year.