Hoping to Score, hmmm

Hoping to Score : Tourism Hamilton chases sports events

Article in today's Spec. Interesting that this article mentions nothing about Hamilton going after a Grey Cup. Now I know that this would have to be initiated by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Bob Young has gone on record that he doesn't see Hamilton and Ivor Wynne as suitable, not sure exactly of Bob's words that he has used, to host such a large event. And personally, I don't blame Bob at all, the city must do something about Ivor Wynne, great sightlines or not. Yes, it really is a decent stadium but is not up to a Grey Cup standard, IMHO.
So, where do we go from here? A big article like this and no mention of a Grey Cup coming to Hamilton, home of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum. Sad. But maybe there is more to this story than what hasn't been written? I
I certainly hope so.

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As much as I would love to see the Grey Cup return to Hamilton, I agree that IWS needs some work.

Lots has changes since we last hosted the big show in '96. I wonder if we could even install as many temporary bleachers given the new TV and handicap seating.

Capacity in '96 was barely over 40 000 - far too low for a GC.

Maybe one day IWS will get a complete retrofit - that's what I would want! Or a new stadium. Only then will we likely see the Grey Cup back.

Did learn something in the article. I didn't know we got the Vanier in '08. This is excellent!