Hoping the Als humble the arrogant Peg

Here's hoping the Als give the arrogant Peg what they deserve...a good tune-up. :twisted:
If Montreal doesn't come out and physically dominate the Bombers, me thinks they're going to be in trouble and better start worrying. That being said, with some players back from injuries, I'm looking forward to Bishop getting pounded tomorrow.
Here's a message to the Als for tomorrow's game, your record means nothing now...either fish or cut bait. :cowboy:

I believe that we see AC and the Als rebound tomorrow. The defence will be the issue, but if the Als can get their offense rolling, the game should be theirs.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm thinking the Al's will treat tomorrow's game like a playoff game. They need to rebound from the past two un-Als like performances, get some momentum rolling, AC back in rhythm, confidence, etc.

I just hope both teams beat the snot out of each other because this game means nothing to us.

I read somewhere if Calgary Beats BC we clinch 3rd minimum?????

We still need an EDM loss next week to assure 3rd place remains propety of the East

My hope is that the Bummers and Smoes lose the rest of their games and the Cats play BC in the east semi-final. BC is my second team and I want them to go as far as they can without eliminating or beating Hamilton.

Then why not keep BC in the West.. .seems odd you want them to go far without beating the Cats... in the Semi Final of the EAST, no less...


Because if the Cats do lose in the playoffs I would rather it be to BC. A team I like rather than one I don’t with the bummers or smoes.

Printers is looking real good with BC right now. I'm not sure i would want to go head to head with Printers... He's got a lot to prove to Hamilton....

Hamilton will clinch a 3rd place spot tonight if Calgary wins tonight, they would lose that spot if BC and Edmonton end in a tie next week

Regardless of what happens in BC tonight if Hamilton loses next week and Edmonton or BC win one more game then Hamilton is out.

This is incorrect. If BC loses tonight then HAM, BC and EDM are tied at 16 points. BC and EDM play each other next week. Only one of them can get to 18 points and pass HAM. As suggested earlier, the only way they both pass HAM is via a OT tie between BC and EDM.

If Winnipeg wins one game more ,there will be NO crossover.thus if Winn wins tommorrow they are in and next weeks game deides home field for the east sf against the Bumbers.if winnipeg loses both games they are out and the loser of bc edm next week come to the Hammer to play us.

It will be a different Als team then last week, I say they will pound the peg today,I hope! :rockin:

Thank you Al's!

you're very welcome

Wow, that was a masterful performance by the Als. I'd hate to think what they'd be capable of if they really had something to play for other than showing their dominance over the Blue Bummers.

An Argo-Cat fan

I read a game "wrap up" on the Winnipeg site and they said it was a nothing game for the Bombers after losing to the Als. Are you kidding me! The cocky Bombers went into Montreal like their shxt don't stink and left with their tails between their legs. :cowboy: I hope went pound them and knock them out of the playoffs, especially since their loss today meant nothing to them. haha! :cowboy:

LOL.. the only they had to play for was their playoff lives.. NOW they do NOT have the luxury of a loss.. .do or die next Sunday.... going down in flames!!!!