Hopes For CFL Teams In 2016

I am looking FWD to 2016 with these wishes for all 9 clubs.

CAL - Have a game or 2 without lots and lots of injuries.
BTW, if Dave Dickenson needs to fill open coaching positions, there are 2 good ones wasting their talent on the CFL panel. Lapo and Benny.

EDM - Loses. lots of them.

BCL - WIN - SAS - Get the acts together and be more competitive.

Cal and Edm had 14 - 4 records because of a week West division.
The last 2 seasons the West has been a 2 way race and that is not good for the CFL.

HAM - ZC , please stay healthy. Cats were the best team in the CFL when the injury to ZC happened. They had many other injuries at key positions but the loss of a guy that was putting up Doug Flutie like numbers was the most costly.
Hope they get to the Cup in 2016

Note: Not saying the Cats would have won the 2015 GC. With the way the Esk D shut down Cal and Ott, not sure if Ham could have done much more.

OTT - Keep it up. Should be a good race with Ham. These 2 teams hate each other now and that will carry over into 2016.

TOR - Fans , lots and lots of true Argo fans at BMO. Show them the love they deserve.

MON - Just stay on the bottom.

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I do not make spelling mistakes. Those are just typos. ( I make one at least once a WEAK )

Perhaps merge these posts into the one KevinRiley already started about what we want to see in 2016.

For Hamilton

That the team remains mostly intact and whoever we lose is replaced with someone better, that we keep Kent, continue to have off field success and we return and win lord Grey's chalice.

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Sorry, was not aware of that.

Cgy- fewer injuries, Messam becoming the premier RB in the league and a Canadian receiver who stays healthy and puts some effort into the game.

Sk- Duran healthy and a return to contention.

Wpg- legit starting QB, signing Harris at RB and a return to contention.

Tor- all sellouts at BMO.

Ham- Way fewer injuries.

Ott- An heir apparent to Burris.

Mtl and BC- New owners and the realization by their GMs that time has passed them by as coaches.

Edm- Don't care.