we have finally seen the last of bum allen on the field

nice guy, but always overrated as a player.

longevity, thats his only legit claim to fame.

And the most passing yards of anyone.

because of longevity

His average per game played wouldnt even put him in top 10.

A lot of those better than allen not only played less seasons, but played only 16 game seasons.

fully agree with FYB . He plays afew good games with a lot of snoozers inbetween and always has. His stats are only because of the time he's played. Was glad when he left BC.

How many greycups has he won again? And how many times was he named MVP in those games? Overrated my ass.

I like Damon Allen, but he definately isnt the greatest of all time. Wouldnt you rather have someone like Ron Lancaster behind center?

Agreed, Allen never was a great QB, he was a good one. The one thing that impresses is that he manages to still play at a high level at the age of 43...that is what is amazing. Most other QB's are toast by 36, but he's still going strong. For that reason alone he deserves respect.

You tell us.

How many did he win, as starter, in how many seasons

How many did Moon win, in how many yrs

How many did Flutie win, in how many yrs

How many times was Allen on the all star team out of all those yrs?

How many times was he even division all star.

In any given season, there was almost always someone better, if not two or three.

But Allen was and is still great.
Stats or no stats, he was still one of the top guys in the CFL regardless of who was or was not better than him.

mostly he was good.
at times he was great.
but for his whole career, he was just slightly better than adequate.

Sounds like there is still a lot of bitterness in Lotusland over the 2004 Grey Cup.


He was great on days when he was on but he was just so inconsistent. Still, his longevity is pretty amazing.

Still, his longevity is pretty amazing
yes, he does deserve some aclaim for that, and for that to be in the Hall of Fame, at least in Canada.

And he does seem to be a really nice guy.

And I was a big fan of his brother.

That too.