Next 4 games

in Guelph, Saskatchewan
in Guelph Winnipeg

Are 2 wins realistic? 1 in Guelph, 1 away?

What about 3 wins?

Saskatchewan (NO)
@Winnipeg (maybe)

Are 2 wins realistic? YES!! 3 wins 5 losses......but with this team.......who really knows?...stayed tuned!! :lol: :roll:

2 wins a must,
3 wins great,
4 wins AWESOME!!!!

Results in a 3-5 record leading up to 3 games against BC, BC again and then in Calgary.

3 wins great,
4-4, not bad
4 wins AWESOME!!!!
5-3, make room on the bandwagon!

Best case scenario :lol: 4-4,not tuning the band up just yet!! :roll:

Well, just a win next week alone against the Riders would be a huge confidence booster, and keep the team in the thick of it at 2-3.

Next Week??????? Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we could pray for another monsoon Captain.......win the game 5-3(3 singles,safety) vs.(fieldgoal) :lol: :roll:

I'm just as angry as the next fan, but this team has been hit hard by injuries. The D-Line is coming around. If they had one more second on a lot of plays they would have sacked Durant. The secondary could not provide that time due to shifting personnell created by the Harris injury. On O, we are really missing Fantuz, Gant, Stala and Jones. And when Tavon Walker is ready, watch out. I think if we start to get healthier, we can win 3 of the 4 games you mentioned.

Once we get healthy and set a solid line up we will be alright.