Hope TSN will have cable cam for all cfl games

Maybe they wont have it at all. They need to improve their coverage and the cable cam is one way. The cost of the system is a million dollars. They need to invest in it for the CFL up and coming season. Its important to make their tv coverage better.

...I agree...the cable cam is awesome...

Whats a cable cam?

got my vote!

Its the camera that they used in the Grey Cup. The one that rides a cable and give you angles from the field

I would like to see them use a helmet cam, like they did , in what was it, the WLAF?

here is a cable cam shot from the 2006 GC

They use it all the time in the NFL. Provides some great shots.

So then spidie likes something about the NFL :lol:

Ohhh Like the ones they use at pretty much all NFL games?

Don't tell him that... :stuck_out_tongue:

I really think we should ALL tell him that...then watch his head spin...

Wow a decent post by Spidie. Cablecam is definetly cool. Million dollars is steep, considering TSN only payed 16 million to show the games. Set up and operation costs alone would exceed a million to cover a whole season. Hamilton, Montreal and maybe Sask are not high enough to string the cables, and Toronto is too multipurpose to leave it up for the next game, unless of course the Jays/Bills venues want to invest in one. TSN is not even broadcasting every game in HD yet, so I doubt they will have a cablecam. If BC, Montreal (Big O), or Toronto host playoffs, TSN might put one up, but Grey Cup for sure again, although it will be a Skycam like ESPN uses.

Oh, the overhead camera was patented by,,, an American inventor! So, hopefully Red Green can come up with a duct taped, rope camera to satisfy those die hard Canadians.

...couple of years ago my son convinced his sister that the cable cam was the 'robotic ref', hovering over the arena helping the on-field officials with calls....she doesn't give a hoot about football of any nature, but to this day she still thinks it's a robotic ref, we don't have the heart to tell her it's not...we figure a future boyfriend can have the honour, after he first gets over the 'what the?' stage....

I agree, bring back the cable cam.

What no free trade?


Yeah would be awesome to have it for every stadium. Not sure that's doable but they should try for as many as possible.

I just LOVE the shots they get with that thing. It's as if you're right in on the action.

It would be great for sure, it adds a lot to the coverage and football. But expensive unfortunately. Maybe the CFL can get the NFL to chip in for this as part of the new working relationship in the future. :wink: