Hope to see Ian Smart at Running Back

I hope Martell can play ok. With his recent injuries, it will not be easy for him to produce. I think it is about time that we give Ian Smart a chance at running back. Hopefully, he has been getting some reps in practise. I think we should have Ian on the game roster ready to take over for Martel if needed. We need to establish the ground game. I wish Martell the best of luck at the same time.

I can't say I've been impressed with Smart's play as running back. He seemed to do well on kick returns for one season but that was about it. I think Mallet and Harris are better in the backfield and Bumpus and Grice-Mullen offer more on kick returns.

I think Smart is a great player,but i think Mattett has paid his dues to continue on the remanding of the seasons. after all dont forget ,he was the leading rusher before his injurys.I think he just need more opportunities with the ball. The more he touch it the harder he run. he has only ran the ball over 20 times in a game once. you see what the resorts were, he set a new record. he is more than capable of running it that many times. ware the D-line down. they know we live and die by the BOMB ! mix it up ,keep them honest. Now O-Line do your thing !!!!!!!!!!

What ever did happen to Ian Smart?

Good to see Ian ready to go and on the game roster for tonight! As running back. I am sure they will use him either as a secret weapon or as a back-up to martel. I see that AJ Harris has been put back on the practise roster. I like AJ but he has not looked that good the last couple of games, especially the last one. I know he didn't have much of a chance, but neither did Ian Smart and Ian has done a great job for us over the years. If anyone might be sleeper for us, it could be him.

I agree, I don't see why Ian Smart should be a regular. IMO Mallet and Harris offer more than Smart. I wouldn't make a change... maybe give him a couple of reps to change things up, but nothing permanent.

once again, what happened to ian smart?

To answer your question Geroy Simon fan, Ian as you probably know suffered a groin injury at the beginning of the year. Then, he never really had a chance to rebound to get his kick return job back. He was our best running back coming out of training camp. The last month or so, he has been a healthy scratch due to trying out other guys at the kick return spot. Now he will be playing in Hamilton for kick returns and probably as a back-up to Martell Mallette in case he gets injured. Just so, everyone knows Ian Smart came to the Lions in 2006 just when the playoffs started and was a big factor in winning the Grey Cup that year. In 2007 Ian was an Allstar Special teams player, and last year actually broke a league record for kick returns even though he missed one game due to the lions trying out a new player. As Wally has recently said Ian is the hardest worker and recently he has been carralled for a month and chomping at the bit to get out. In the past, he has played great in the big games and Wally is hoping he can do it again, and Ian is fresh and rested. That's why they released AJ Harris and are going Smart. Plus AJ looked better in practise than in the game. This is Ian Smart's second chance. He hopes to take advantage of it. I hope this answers your question bud!

I was sorry to see Harris released. He was a good back up to Mallet. Mallet is a powerhouse and is one of those guys who gets stronger as the game progresses. It will be great to see Smart running back kick returns along with Grice-Mullen. When Mullen gets free he is gone!

Hamilton will either crush the Lions OR they are going to come out flat- like Winnipeg did last week. If they do not come out flat the Lions can match them stride for stride with healthy QBs. I don't know how much difference a week makes but if the players have gotten over the flu and if Printers and Lulay are even 90% then we have a decent chance. Hamilton is not as good as they're fans think they are. They are better than in years past [like that was hard to do?] but they are not great.

A few stupid penalties either way and it could be game over. If corn on the Cobb is not contained the Lions had better have Plan B. If Printers and Simon start connecting then Hamilton had better have Plan B.

A few quick TDs to silence the crowd will go a long way.

I am hoping of course for a Lions victory in Hamilton. Should Hamilton knock off B.C. then they meet Montreal. I hope Hamilton beats Montreal but I have a feeling Montreal will blow them off the field by simply sneezing.

What do you mean not as good as we think we are? I think were as good as our record shows! 9-9! If you ask me that fairly good!
Perhaps is YOU BC fans who think your team is alot better then it is! But I doubt that! As you guys probably think Ur about as good as your record is. I don't think any cats fans think were the best in the CFL Id say in overall skill we rank about 4th! Behind MTL Calgary and Sak. And to go from the wost team in the CFL for almost 8 years to a top team is BIG for us! You should be thanking the Reffs for that win over MTL! as it got you to cross over the east and screw over the bombers* not that its bad id rather see BC go far then Peg* Any shoe, Not to take anything away from your team, they do have a wicked RB, and J.A Has become the heart and soul of your D, he is a wicked LB as well! May the best team..or better team win Oskie wee wee:)

Yeah 9 wins is among the best records in CFL history, Gratz!!!! You guys are definitely a 'top' team.

Oh wait sorry.... They play 18 games nevermind.

Huh where did I say we were the best? I dono about YOU but 9-9 sounds about middle of the pack! No where did i say best team ever! Just throwing it out there! a 9-9 to me says were able to beat team's! Both BC and Hamilton switched QB'S in and out! Both with success! and some failure! Both have a solid run game! BC is bad Vs the run, Hamilton bad on deep bombs! Simon Vs Bruce, is about the same! I think its going to overall be a close game! winner decided on who turns the ball over less!

Cats are gonna destroy BC and Floyd will give Wally a big bear hug after the game. Printers will be picked off all day.

Cats are gonna be life and death with BC and after the game, Floyd, Knowlton, and Bruce will give Wally a big bear hug and kiss. Printers will be picked gratuitously and Bob will put Wally on a first class, no expenses barred plane outta there outta respect. Only the best for Wally. :twisted:

im going to laugh when printers and the lions take your cinderella season away from you and your cats LOL

Oh come on now Cat_n_Pac. Chillax. You need to be reading the comments on your own TiCat forum so you will understand why I wrote what I wrote.

No one suggested that you were saying the Cats are the best. At least I did not make that suggestion. As far as the Lions getting in the playoffs on a a botched call against Montreal way back when, come on now. Get serious. Maybe you did not see the clutching and grabbing on Simon in the overtime against Saskatchewan that resulted in an inteception and cost the Lions that game. Also it would be interesting to review all of the TiCats’ games this past season and see which ones they won as a result of blown calls by the refs. Hmmm…

I think you will find in many of my posts I have congratulated the TiCats for their improved play. I even wandered over to the Cats’ forum and congratulated them there. Now, wasn’t that nice of me? :slight_smile:
Many of the fans are so grateful that their alley Cats have made it to the playoffs that they forget they are only a 9 and 9 team.

Now, if the Cats make it into the Grey Cup you can be rest assured that I shall be rooting for them. Why? Because they have been beaten up for so many years recently and they play as hard as any other team. Good luck.

YAH YAH, I get YAH! Im just sick of people dismissing the cats, Im really not trying to troll here! There were a TONE of botched calls this season surprise?. some of which could have decided games, I was more or less just using that as an example!
I do understand why you guys are getting pissed off, that tiger cat Great is a bit much, I cant say iv seen him in our forum! He is kinda giving the rest of us a bad name! I do believe if you guys had B.P as Ur QB all season ud be in 3rd or even second! I must say I cant stand Printers! If his skills were as large as his Ego, he's make warren moon And Flutie look like garbage! I Do also believe BC has the BEST head coach PERIOD! To go threw like what 4 QB's loose a boat load of players from your 07 team Exc and STILL be an overall competitive team, speaks WONDERS about Ur Head coach! I do hope its a close game, with OUT printers! I hope he gets hit and as normal runs off crying and who ever comes in to replace him gives our cats a run for their money!

I do like going to other forums to have logical conversation, its just theres always one in the crowd who likes to be a jerk and ruin it! I know we can ALL agree CFL RULES! :smiley:

Well said Cats_n_Pac. Enjoy the game on Sunday. Let's all remember that the CFL is a multi-million dollar "business". While the players represent a team it is also a job- their livelihood for almost half the year. They not only play but they go to work. There is pride for the team they represent but when they play for another team they represent that team and play every bit as hard. The Ti-Cats have Floyd who played for B.C. just last year. He is a Cat- for now. Perhaps next year he will be a Stampeder. Who knows? Mat Dunnigan, sports commentator played for Hamilton and the Lions at different times during his career.

These guys congratulate each for a hard fought game after every game but during the game they take no nonsense from each other. Many even pray with each other in a circle after the game. They are often very concerned when an opponent gets seriously injured. I remember the game between B.C. and Edmonton last week. Paris Jackson was flat on his back after a severe hit by an Edmonton player. Stamps, the premier receiver for Edmonton was several yards aways on one knee saying a quick prayer for Jackson. Now THAT was class!

These guys are happy to be playing and they are all entertainers. They are happy to be getting paid what they get paid for doing what they love. Football is entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. The players stage is a 110 yard field. Their costumes are their uniforms. Their roles are their positions. And like all good entertainers they can ad-lib during broken plays and when celebrating a TD.

I can appreciate and applaud a brilliantly executed play made by Glenn or Cobb as easily as I would if Printers or Mallet made a similar play. I certainly want to see the Lions win because I want to see one more game and because I live in B.C.

I'm gonna shed a tear for Wally when he starts crying in his post game press conference. :wink:

hate to say i told you so ticatgreat...