Hope no replay of last year

I hope if the Cats pull out a win tomorrow they will not hide in the Rogers center like last year. They never even got the ball over the 50 yard line in the first half. It was a joke after such a promising effort on Labour day

Ya, Labour Day is important but revenge was theirs in a bitter sweet way....

Ugly one !

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? :stuck_out_tongue:

Last year the Ti-Cats and Argos battled to a 30-30 overtime tie on LABOUR DAY.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

It was the kind of football I want to see on Monday--smash mouth football
except for the players ejections [4] and our 256 yards of penalties. *

and I will settle for 1/2 the yards Troy Davis got running the ball
If we can get the yards Troy** ran for and more in the air.

** Troy got 233-yards last year, our all time record.

*out of a total of 408 combined yards of penalties.

Last year the Ti-Cats and Argos battled to a 30-30 overtime tie on LABOUR DAY.
Ron, I think we actually beat the Argos last Labour Day....unless I'm mistaken?

33-30.... Ticats over Argos

Yes we did. I'll never forget watching the game in my backyard on the deck on the mountain and listening to the crowd from here. It was awsome.
Two years ago it was a tie

Cotton like read the shuffle pass and picked it off and took it in the endzone i remember that soo well. two years ago was a tie the streets were like littered with garbage.

Maybe Ron has completely blocked all of 2005 out of his memory, so that 2004 seems like last year. Not a bad idea actually. I will try to do the same after this season ends.

Yes..that's it...you got it, ExPat.

Whew! Thanks for thinking of that for me. :oops:

Really, I typed in the wrong year on Google.