Hope Johnny Sears gets healthy soon

Once we have Johnny Sears back i think we will have pretty much what we need in the backfield

CB - Emmanuel Davis, Courtney Stephen
DB - Rico Murray and Johnny Sears
S - Craig Butler, Mike Daly

LB- Simoni Lawrence, Erik Harris, Beau Landry, Brandon Stewart,
MLB- Taylor Reed, Frederic Plesius, Byron Archambalt

DE- Eric Norwood, Adrian Tracy, Justin HIckman
DT - Bryan Hall, Ted Laurent, Hasan Hazime, Michael Atkinson

I don’t think Johnny Sears will displace either Murray or Davis at DB unless one of them gets injured and Donald Washington is settling in pretty nicely in Delvin Breaux’s old spot on the corner. The only way Sears gets back into the line-up is in case of injury or to possibly replace Brandon Stewart as a designated import.

Not to suggest Sears being better than Murray or Davis but have we had an interception since Sears went on IR?


I would say more likely to replace Caldwell over Stewart as a designated import. Having both Stewart and Sears as DI's and rotational would be lethal IMO. :thup: I also concur with you on Washington....so far it's a small sample size but I think we may have found our replacement for the departed Breaux. I like what I've seen of Washington in the last 3 games and he does appear to be settling in quite nicely indeed in our secondary. :smiley: