Hope Hamilton President's Comments have Been Distorted.

As a Blue Bomber fan, but more importantly a CFL fan, I hope that the media has distored comments made by Hamilton President Scott Mitchell. The Winnipeg Free Press has him quoted as encouraging his team and his fans to take out their frustrations on the Bombers tomorrow.

Of course, once someone involved with a team makes a comment like that, the rumor mill takes over. People from all over the league are now claiming Mr. Mitchell has publicly stated he would like to see the Tigercats players injure as many Bomber players as possible, etc etc. Though using the preceived disrespect of last weeks events can be a great marketing tool for Hamilton, I am a bit concerned about the tensions that are boiling just under the surface.

Heaven forbid, should a player from the Bombers be seriously hurt, regardless of whether or not it was an accident, it will reflect poorly on the Hamilton organization.

As well, as a Winnipeg fan, I would not feel comfortable attending the game tomorrow if I were in the Hamilton area. It only takes one idiot who has misinterpreted Mr. Mitchell's words to give the entire football club a headache.

Hamilton is a good team who has a record which does not come close to reflecting their talent. I look forward to watching the game as it will no doubt be a n outstanding contest. I just hope for the sake of the two teams, and for the league in general, that the players and the fans from both sides don't lose their heads.

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