hope free agents want the challenge

I know everyone is talking about players in free agency coming to Hamilton, I really hope the free agents that the Ticats want to go after really see what our potential here could be. Its not like we have been beatened big time in a lot of the games. Sometimes we have only lost by a touchdown here or a touchdown there. Its just a matter of filling a few holes i think.

I hope they would be willing to take the challenge. We might be surprised. Some players might not want to go to a team that is already built itself and everything. If the player knows there good, they might want to accept the challenge of being with a team that hasnt had a great few years and would be willing to accept just a little less then some other team just because they crave for the challenge.


The challenge in someones career can be so much greater accomplishment then making more money. To change a losing team into something competitive and strong. Money is not everything. It seriously isnt. I have worked at really good paying jobs and the people i worked with just sucked and i have worked at crappier paid jobs and i enjoyed them better. And i mean as long as i can pay my bills and look after myself and live an ok life and have time for family and friends..thats all that matters to me.

If the team puts up the coin, they will come. Players know they have short pro careers and have to make as much as they can while the going is good. Sure, the challenge is a factor, but #1 is how much the team is willing to pay the guys it really wants. They are in a different situation than the rest of us--usually with decent job security and lengthy careers.

An Argo-Cat fan