Hope for next year?

This forum has been very quiet since the last game.The Spectator hasn't had an article about the Cats the past few days.Is it because the team is such a lost cause?There seems to be no future.I can't see any improvement since the start of the season.Our new saviour Qb is just okay.The receivers still can't catch.The lines are still inadequate.The Dbs are still woeful.The coaches still seem to make weird calls.Can anyone provide some hope?

Apparently Ottawa is getting their team back.

Someone asked the question a few years ago,"Who will win the Grey Cup first-Hamilton or Ottawa?".A good question.

Cats have won a cup in every decade of the league.
Only 2 more years left...

there is always hope.

cats have won at least one grey cup in every decade in a 8 or 9 team league is this an accomplishment? just curious

It may be harder not to.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'll be at the last home game of Season, and I'll be there for the 1st game of the next year's season.


No other team has done it in the CFL.

Only Montreal in the NHL, and no one in the NBA, MLB or NFL has ever done it.

hahaha, technicality... how many of those cups were one by the Tigers, and how many by the Wildcats? or was it a junior and pro team that amalgamated?

Best of my knowlegde the Tiger-Cats didn't exist until 1929(champions in 08,09,12,15 i think), after the two teams joined, wich, in a sence would make that proud statistic kinda pointletss, and also explain our funny-a$$ed redundant name, that someone must've though was the bees-knees.


When they talk about winning a championship in every decade its the Tigercats they refer to not the Tigers....The Tigers and the Wildcats merged to form the Tigercats...