Hope Charlie is OK

Report from the Spec....

[i]Ticat head coach Charlie Taaffe considers himself lucky to be alive today after surviving a 68-car pileup on a Pennsylvania freeway Sunday afternoon.

He was travelling to Hamilton from his Baltimore off-season home when a sudden snow squall created whiteout conditions on Interstate 81 North, just outside of Hazelton, Pa. Taaffe swerved to avoid a fishtailing vehicle in front of him and plowed into the guardrail.

But others weren't as fortunate.

He saw a woman killed in front of him when her car was hit by a tractor trailer. While there was just one fatality, 36 others were hospitalized. Taaffe said he suffered some scratches but did not go to hospital.

"I'm very fortunate," said a still shaken Taaffe yesterday.

The freeway was closed for about six hours.

Taaffe was to be here for the announcement of the two new hires. But that news conference, expected yesterday, has been delayed until today.

The head coach headed back to Baltimore in his damaged vehicle but hopes to return to Steeltown sometime next weekend.

The full Ticat coaching staff is expected to report [/i]March 4.

Hope Charlie is OK, not a good feeling seeing someone perish right in front of you after you sustained injuries.
I wonder why the US seems to have a lot of mega-car pile ups in stormy or foggy weather?
Anyway, all the best Charlie, hope the recovery both physical & psychological is a speedy one.

Thank god he is okay .
I Feel bad for people who did not make it

be safe Charlie

Puts things in perspective on what's truly important.
Maybe even more important than marching bands.

That must have been horrible for him to see. You never get over something like that.

Prayers and best wishes from Ol' BatlCat to Charlie. Nothing else is important if life is in peril. Rest and recover, Coach.

no kidding .. I still have Flash Backs from the car wreck My Buddie Died in.

Hey Bob,
Could you fly the coach in man? Little safer in the winter.

Thank God he is ok.

This could have been prevented had Bunnithelifeguard posted some wise words of advice on winter driving lol.

Some countries make it mandatory that you have winter tires on in the winter. People need to stop believing in the "all season radial" lie. That would help for one. And people have to drive according to the weather.
But with a transport and a car, the car loses everytime. With 68 vehicles there could have been more deaths. The weather in P.A. this time of year is crazy, ask anyone that travels that way and back yearly for the "500". Drive safe Coach.

I'm so glad that Charlie Taff is okay. We sometimes take for granted life. It is a blessing that Mr. Taff made it through. So, hears to you coach TAFFE. Thank GOD you made it, that is a wake up call that you have a LIFE to live, and the ticats need your expertise. BE SAFE.

I don't Drive Much in The Winter Months. I maybe out 2 Days A week.
Why Should I be Forced to buy Winter Tires
When the Weather is Bad I say Home.
once it breaks I then wait for Roads to be clear.
Then go out at 20 Miles lower then Post Speed Limit

We know this not Charlie fault
It was just a Random Act of Nature

Well you hit the nail on the head about people driving according to the weather conditions.

However, I myself do not believe that winter tires should be mandatory as it will give people (especially those that already drive like idiots in adverse weather) the belief that they can drive even more aggressively on the road.

Winter tires are now required by law in Quebec starting next winter.

They figure it will save many lives and I believe them. I couldn't travel around Barrie without them for most of the winter.

You can drive as slow as you want with "all-seasons" but simply those tires stay too hard in the cold in order to get better life out of them in the warmer months. Snows stay soft in the cold and make a big difference even on cleared roads. I know it is a lot of extra money for another set of tires but if you ever lost control just once without them the consequences could be irreversible.

See you soon Charlie. I am sure you are one thankful man today.

I'm curious how much snow does your area get? When does it normally start snowing? How long does it last? Being from Houston, Texas, I've never seen a lot of snow, only hurricanes and scorching hot A@#% sun, and tropical like rains in the middle of a hot day, then you feel like you're in a sauna.

The Toronto area has received 155inches of snow so far this year and it started in December. In Barrie which is about a one hour drive north, we have had closer to 200.

I have family down in McAllen, Tx and have visited them in August... now that is scorchin'

This is the best quote ever!

Even if he flies to buffalo, it's better than making him drive. They have Avis in buffalo don't they?