Hope a new team is given a fighting chance.

If Ottawa is to return to the CFL I hope the league gives them a fighting chance.

  1. Don't charge such a high expansion fee that the team is in financial trouble from day 1.
  2. Set player protection rules for the expansion draft to allow the team to get some good players.
  3. Give the team first pick in the entry draft and bonus picks early in the draft.
  4. Allow the team to carry extra players if even just on the taxi squad.
  5. Extend the salary cap to allow for #4.
  6. Award the city the Grey cup game within first 5 years.
  7. The team needs preferential access to players returning from the NFL.

This might seem strange, but if the team is to be succesful, I want it to be ontheir own merit. I don't want any mulligans. If they win 10 games in year one, I don't want anyone going "yeah, but they had all these advantage..."

The Renegades expansion draft wasn't the butt-rape that some make it to be. The QB situation was lousy that year and if the league freed up more guys (only third strongers were available) then that would be a big step.

Aside from that, it offered up a lot of Canadian content, draft picks and the option to get more draft picks. I like that flexibility.

....8) Or you could just have them play Hamilton a couple of extra games.

Some good ideas. We know the key is QB’s and Canadians.
Somehow they have to convince the existing teams that Ottawa needs some teams #2 QB to start with. That means allowing each current team to protect just their #1 guy. But the team that loses their #2 needs to be compensated somehow (more of the expansion money? or not losing any other import players?)
That would mean that Ottawa could end up with Bishop form the Argos and Jackson from BC. Which would give them a chance to be competetive the first year.
Anything less will mean another failure IMO in Ottawa.

It's tricky because we don't know what free agency would be like. For 2002, there was nothing there (at QB). But it could be that in 2010, or 2011 (if at all) that there'll be more available.

IIRC, when the Renegades chose a player, the team that lost him got to remove a few (3?) from their list of available players. Maybe it should be more if it's a QB. Then the Ottawa team has to weigh that in the decision-making. If we take this QB, will they remove that LB we really want?

It's an interesting way to go about it, that's for sure.

Its not just a matter of the team getting access proven vets from existing teams, but any draft advantage has to be accompanied by a bountiful year in Canadian prospects, something which is truly unpredictable in 2008 as Hunt et al. try to get things worked out.

Does anyone remember who the Renegades took first in the expansion draft?

He was a hghly regarded Eskimo backup QB named Dan Crawley who did nothing for two years in Ottawa before a third stringer called Kerry Joseph won the job.

But my prediction is that with the growing disinterest with the Ticats in Hamilton, attendance woes and the deterioration of Ivor Wynne the Ticats will re-locate to Ottawa. Bob Young finally realizes that the Ottawa fans are really the true die-hard fans and despite many losing years still managed at least 20,000 fans in their worst seasons.

That would work! :lol: :lol:

Before coming up with what the teams needs to be succesful how 'bout having an actual franchise with a place to play, that could be beneficial to the teams success but that could just be me.

How did you ever lose the commissioner competition to Mark Cohon?

There must've been a big payday for the BOG, thats the only thing I can think of. :stuck_out_tongue:

The franchise tag is too much. $7M.

This is a franchise that was suspended, so why is there an expansion fee? Over $4M for 2002, and another $7M now? $11M in a few years is way too much. At most the latest expansion fee should cover the lost income the other teams will incur by dividing the TV by 9, instead of 8. But that's it.

CFL, like anyone else, wants a big cut of the pie. Personally, the league would be better off letting the ownership group spend it on helping to get the bad half of Frank Clair rebuilt. The less public money that has to be asked for (if any), the better the chances of Ottawa taking the field sooner.

This time around, teams can only protect 2 QBs. This way, the Ottawa team has a chance of actually grabbing a good young QB.