Hooray, Hooray, Playoff Football starts today

Disappointing we are not included, but, I am going Green today!

I'm cheering for Now Green ex-Cats, Dyakowski, Bakari Grant, Glenn, Gainey, Owens,


Esks ex-Cats, Gable and John Chick

You can go Green if you like Grover BUT I'm sticking with the Black "n " Gold today...GO SAINTS !!! ;D
If the Cats were playing today believe me they would get first priority for my viewing pleasure BUT unfortunately they're not so I'll be watching the Greenies and the Sillynames in between commercial breaks and to be honest I don't really give a flying firetruck who wins this game . Neither one of these two are even close to being on my favs list . Honestly could care less about both of them .

Now if we're talking CFL play-offs , the WSF that is the game I'll be watching and looking forward to .

Going Blue for these play-offs.......GO BOMBERS !!! ;D

Don't like either of the two teams in the ESF...I hope they destroy each other...

Don't like Maas at all...so I'll be with Winnipeg.

Sorry, Bobo...but I'll be in the Bills corner this afternoon.

And, the other now greenies -- Edem, Steele, Thigpen and (injured) Landry.
And, Gable & Chick teammates -- King, Figueroa and (3 injured) Rottier, Young & Larence.

OH OH!!!! This could get ugly! :o

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Key officials for #CFL playoff game between #Redblacks v. #Riders
Referee: Kim Murphy
Replay: Jeff Harbin
Video: Jake Ireland

1:00p game going for Saskatchewan then later game at 4:30 pm going for Edmonton

Personally I'll cheer for ANYONE BUT the OTTRBs and BLEW team so at the moment I've gone green and am cheering for all the Ex-Ticats on the greenies team. Don't care for greenie Jones, OR Maas OR even Dickenson but I'm going to be cheering for the players.
At the moment the greenies have the edge over the OTTRBs YEAH!!!! I'd like to see them knocked out in their own stadium today. GO GREEN!!

But not ex-TicatsEllingson, Gascon-Nadon, Madu, Maher, Reed, McDuffie (inj), and Omara (inj)?


Have to admit I am rooting for Sask today. I dislike the RB's with a passion

Only Grey Cup match up I won't watch: Calgary / Toronto. Just don't see an up side :slight_smile:

lol !!! Sorry "my home team" but the Saints are up 17-3 at the half . ;D

As for the ESF well Grover it's looking like Green is a good colour choice so far for you my friend ;D

Let's see what the 2nd half brings though boys . As the saying goes "It ain't over til it's over" ;D

I like ex-Ticat Thigpen.

He's definitely still got it.

Still hoping for Ottawa, but those hopes are dwindling. Way too many turnovers.

Marcus has come up big for them...

Go Riders!!!

31-14 Sask with 12:30 to go in the 4th...

Rider DT Eddie Steele was drafted in 2010 by the Cats, the same year Obie brought Thigpen into the CFL

Thigpen in beast mode!

I absolutely positively do not want to see an all west Grey Cup. If that happens, I may even sell my ticket to the game. So it looks like next week for the first (and last) time in my life I will find myself cheering for the blew team and just hope they loose in the Big Show.

Never thought I would be hanging with O'Shea...but there it is....argos though....NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know. I'm going to have to shower after that game.

I will have to shower as well and I'll have to wash my mouth out with soap while I'm at it.