the post 'Request for Chris Getzlaf' gave me an intesting idea...how about for the first home game of the Ticat season we bring the Hamilton Bulldogs out on the field with the Calder Cup and give them a rousing standing ovation for their amazing feat! the first ever calder cup for the bulldogs, the first professional trophy since the 99 cats... I think this would be a great thing to do for the city and the bulldogs and hopefully give the Ticats some incnentive to go out and win their own trophy. 1500 fans at the rally yesterday was nice...but how about 15 000+ fans? Go Dogs Go and Go CATS Go! :thup: :rockin:

.great idea,i know from volunteering the bulldogs,we keep the cup for a few months ,maybe bob will make it happen :rockin: :rockin:

That is a great idea and I'm sure there are some players who stick around during the offseason but most of them will be gone.

i do know one of the bulldogs likes to attend ticat games.or we can get the bulldogs mascot bruiser to bring it to a ticat game.