Honouring Chuck Ealey's Legacy

Stretching back to early 2021, participants on this Tiger-Cats' forum alerted us to the oversight by the College Football HOF in the USofA, in ignoring the very impressive career of one Chuck Ealey. I am not going to regurgitate all of his personal accomplishments, but amongst his team accomplishments, he managed to turn around a floundering football program at the University of Toledo, and he amassed a record of 35 - 0 as their starting QB, with several Bowl game victories included in that streak.

Several Tiger-Cats' fans took up the cause and started lobbying efforts on his behalf, and although long overdue, this injustice was finally corrected when it was announced that Chuck Ealey would be inducted into the College Football HOF in 2022.

At the time there was a real buzz about this achievement amongst Hamilton Tiger-Cats' fans, and there was speculation that surely the Tiger-Cats would honour Chuck Ealey at a Ti-Cats' home game in 2022 (preferably versus the Argos since he played for both teams in his CFL career) and hopefully this would include some sort of video tribute that would highlight his achievements on both sides of the border. You might even be able to trick @TonyDungy into offering a testimonial for such a video tribute.

Question . . .
Has anyone heard anything further about this ??
I was really hoping that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football club would choose the Labour Day game to pay tribute to the incomparable Chuck Ealey. As stated in one of the tributes, Chuck Ealey was what Warren Moon or Russell Wilson or Randall Cunningham or Donovan McNabb etc. etc. would later become, in an era when black QB's were not considered to be NFL worthy.
Chuck Ealey lead the way for all of those players.

I really hope the Tiger-Cats do a proper job of honouring this Tiger-Cat alum . . .


I'd would like to suggest that Bernie Custis was the one who led the way for Black QBs in Canada back in 1951...


I'm sure if the Ti-Cats are recalcitrant about honoring Mr. Ealey - Wad Miller & The Bombers will take it upon themselves to bestow the honors. Actually, 27,000 at a Bombers game is greater than the 21,000 to 22,000 the Ticats put into the Donut Box - the rest is TV ratings.

Ealey played for the Bombers for a couple years but was curtailed by sudden onset of knee injuries which led to his premature retirement.

I remember going to an event at a local bookstore/eatery celebrating a new book by a local author concerning Canadian QBs. At the time I was the most repugnant call-in guest and guest host on local talk radio shows (either sports or news) but was of course, always a bomber fan.

So I was told to attend John Danakas' book signing where Chuck Ealey was also a guest speaker. Guess all the pissants who called me a Bomber-hater and Negative Nate have some splainin' to do. At the signing were about 15 to 20 of Danakas (author) family who didn't know much about football. Guess what? I was the only Bomber fan with any background in the CFL & its historic background.
Got to sit down with Chuck for a Q & A, some coffee and cocktails and developed a renewed respect for this now Hall of Famer. At the event Chuck was handing out postcards to send back to the College Football Hall of Fame in order to support his rather late entry. I've still got one of the cards in case anyone is interested in seeing it.

Like to think I had more to do with that nite than simply being the only bomber fan who attended. The author, John Danakas was a frequent visitor at my used book & record shop. I managed to snag quite a few old books & CFL magazines/programs from the late 40s to early 50s that formed the essential research Mr. Danakas used to write his book on Black quarterbacks in the CFL.

In case anybody was wondering - yeah, I've been around.