Honour Ron Lancaster - Retire 23

On September 18, 2008, the CFL lost one of, if not the, greatest ambassadors it has ever known.

Throughout his 48-year career as a player, coach, broadcaster and manager, Ron dedicated his life to the 3-down game. With the exception of his family,the 'Little General' had no greater passion than this game in his adopted homeland.

His accomplishments were many and great, but he didn't let any of this go to his head: he considered it an honour to be able to be a part of this great sport.

Out of respect to his accomplishments both on and off the field, I have started a petition with one aim: to respectfully convince the CFL to honour this man as he honoured it for so long - by retiring the number 23 throughout the league, ensuring that the memory of his amazing accomplishments are never forgotten.

Please join me in my quest to accomplish this goal. It is my intention to present this petition to the CFL Head Office on September 18, 2009, the one-year anniversary of Ron's passing.

Please visit www.thepetitionsite.com/1/retire-23, add your signature, and pass this on to friends and family!

Thank you.

No disrespect to Lancaster but I think a league wide retiring is a little much, the only two players ever to get that honour was a man who took a major step in civil rights in the States, and the Great One. I don't think Lancaster is quite up with those men. but that's my opinion.

I agree

I'm not so sure it's too much. He really was one of the all-time greats. He did more for the league than some of the HoF builders ever did.

If not retire his number, then at least enshrine his memory in some other way. Perhaps a statue at every stadium, or name a trophy after him. How about the Lancaster award for contributions to the league both on and off the field?


Im ok with that.

Saskatchewan can rename their stadium or Regina highway after him

They could name a bomber after him!

sorry but I agree it too much to ask every team to Retire 23 ..
There other ways to Honor Ron .. Ron Love the CFL Game
so if you can Volunteer with Local Minor Football League
I am doing that this year and Decanting The Season it to RL..

I agree. Retire #23 in Saskatchewan only.

It's been for awhile.

how about a postage stamp?

It would be appropriate for recognition in Edmonton and Hamilton as well(which both cities will do if they have not already). As for the rest of the league, I do not feel that it should be made manditory.

The Riders have done their part to honour Ron. The NHL decided to recognize The Great One, and for good reason, when you are the leading point getter of all time, and had so much influence on the game, its a no-brainer to retire his number. MLB did the same for Jackie Robinson, he changed baseball forever. I don't want to take away of Lancaster's accomplishments, but if you retire his number league wide, how many more are just as deserving?

Good point, the only one I would put on that same pedestal would be Jackie Parker.

There have been a lot of greats, I agree with Jackie Parker, but I would not forget George Reed either. There are a number of players who you could make arguments for to retire their numbers league wide. How about Pinball? or Gizmo? Flutie?

Ha! Ya Right.

Mosaic owns that stadium and it will always be known by the corporate name now.

As fir the highway . . . It was supposed to be renamed after Louis Riel but that was canned before it gained momentum. Besides, the highway is clearly named Ring Road.

As for Ron Lancaster . . . The Riders have retired his number and placed his initials on the 23 yard line. What more can we do?

All great, I mention Parker in the same breath as Lancaster because both their carrers extended form playing to coaching to management, I had not thought about Pinball but he too has run the gamit. What sets Lancaster and Parker apart is the duration of their greatness.

What also sets the truly great apart from many is where they decide to stay and raise a family. Parker, Lancaster, and Pinball all remained in Canada and gave back to the communities that welcomed them. This says a lot about their character, and why they should be honoured.

Very good point as well. I still think however that it would be appropriate to honour them in the cities where they played and coached. As much as I admire all of their contributions I would not make it a league wide honour. I would not be oppose to such an honour, however. Perhaps what would be more appropriate is if a league wide honour was put in place for one year, like putting 23 on the 23 yard line like they did at Mosaic last year.