Honoring past Tiger Cats at Halftime

In my opinion this is a mistake ... these heroes are not getting the respect they deserve when half the crowd is using the facilities and reloading on food and drink.

Why not do this before the game prior to the player introductions ... would do the players of the past justice and should motivate the home side.

Just a thought.

well said and i agree half time is used for exactly that washrooms etc and as far as last nights honour i was dissapointed by the fans who were in the stands. As a long time ticat fan i will never forget what ozzy did for the team when we needed a big feild goal as long as he was there we had the chance. i watched him last nite come out with his 2 boys and it made me think back to a meet n greet my nephew was able to have with the team back in 93 ozzy was the first one to give him his autographed sweatband it was at that moment that he became his idol.
you can see that hes still in love with the organization at the fans as tears welled up in his eyes
I think i was the only one who chanted ozzy ozzy ozzy like hes heard so many times before

I remember that kick in the eastern final against Montreal.The silence before the kick and the NOISE afterward, I still get a chill when I see a replay of it. One of my great memories of Ivor Wynne. The seats were cold, but I went home warm and happy.

Ozzie was such a clutch kicker. Great to see him still with the team.

Some moments are unforgettable and Ozzie had a few of these. A few Ticat players from the past
should be enshrined and Ozzie is one of them.

This post is not about Ozzy although I respect both the player and your opinions ... I'm suggesting that they move it prior to kickoff as opposed to halftime.

Our heroes are not getting the recognition they deserve.

People are still filing in at the start of the game. Half time is fine. If you are interested, you will stay and watch, if not, you will go get food/drink, etc.

The "ceremony" really isn't that exciting. They show a video and ask him 2 questions.

A video which you can't hear.

A ceremony that you can't hear.

People in the stands talking, milling about.

People at the washrooms/concessions.

It is a shame. They should move it to pre-game...but then the Cats marketing department might have to put on an actual half-time show.