Honoring Mike & Rob Is Such A Joke.

Just another low ball attempt to sell tickets for the Labour day game.

Tickets sales for the Labour day game against the Argos has been down Significantly opposed to prevous years.

Its pretty ironic. The cats orgainzation waits basically a week before the game to release this information.

Its pretty smart thinking from a business stand point, because I for one had no intention to attend this game because of the brutal play of the team but after hearing this information I now plan to attend.

However in the end it shows a seriously lack of character on the part of the Hamilton Tigercat organization. Rob & Mike deserve better than this & so do the fans.

Bingo, Im glad someone posted that…my first thought was, now I will go the game because Mike and Rob deserve it. What is this team going to do when they run out of promotions and try to sell us just bad football.

The Labour Day game is traditionally well attended, and receives a lot of exposure on television. Given the nature of Mike and Rob's commitment to the Ti-Cats over the years, I think it's the least we can do to honour them at such a high-profile game.

And honestly, can you blame the organization for trying to put people in the stands? They still have a business to run, and even though the football is sub-par at the moment, it's still fun to check out a game at Ivor Wynne. Would you rather have the team be playing this bad with nobody in the stands? What would that accomplish, besides putting the team in financial dire straits yet again?

After the way this organization treated Rob & Mike, I would pull a "Dave Keon" and tell them to, well you get my drift.

So if you don't retire them this game when do you do it? Later this year at less profile games? Next year? Five years from now?

Do they need more help to sell Labour Day tickets than a game later this season? I would think not. So, than wouldn't it really be a lowball move if they didnt do it on Labour Day?

I agree, what bigger honor could you have than to have a retirement send off at the biggest annual game of the year. I don't think this is in bad taste by the management at all.

Seriously, how many people will attend JUST to see this ceremony that wouldn't have come otherwise, 100? 200? Who knows? So far I have seen two; "TristanClovis37" and "tcmcnasty". If you are that upset at management whatch the game on TV. Don't claim that the number of people in attendance is a reflection soley on Rob and Mike retiring because that would be an insult to everybody else that wants to go and watch the biggest game of the year - win or lose.

Yeah, Mike and Rob are going to flip the bird to an organization that simply wants to honour them. That's going to happen.

Yes, the manner in which they were let go was a little rugged, but they're professional athletes and grown men. It's all in the past now.

These guys conduct themselves with class, and I'm sure they will be very touched on Labour Day.

Selling a few more seats for this game by honouring Mike and Rob is not the intention of this organization, believe me they realize that the attendance will drop a lot this year as Taafe and Co. build a winning team over the next few years.
This is a class act by the Cats to do this at the most celebrated game of the season IMHO. :thup:

I think you are missing the point. The honour is well deserved, & yes, this IS the game that makes sense to honour them, because traditionally it is the most well-attended game of the year.
BUT - this move will do nothing to improve the Team, & is simply a diversion to make fans forget how BAD this Team really is. In fact, I will venture to say that 'Retiring' these 2 veterans was likely the beginning of the downfall of the 'Cats this year.
One of the reasons we are losing is the lack of leadership - something these 2 could have contributed tremendously for.
Isn't it ironic that Management is honouring 2 veterans they should have kept, & have nothing to show that the move was a +ve one????
The Eagle - :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Eagle: NOBODY is going to forget how bad this team is right now just because of the ceremony.

Put your conspiracy theories and cynical attitude aside for five minutes and just enjoy the fact that two of our favourite Cats are getting their due on a grand stage.

but some of you that are posting are really missing the bigger point behind this post...

The fact that they waited a week, a week! before the game takes place when they know ticket sales would most likely hit a season low. There are thousands of tickets still avaliable.

In my opinion the Ticat organization are using Mike & Rob has bait to draw in the people. I understand the whole "high profile" labour day game but why wait a week before the game? They should have set this date weeks ago. Back in June or early July they should have said.. "Were honoring Mike & Rob on Labour day, so come on out" not wait until the team is 1-7 & couldn't beat a grade 10 girls vollyball team

Thats my opinion anyways. a few agree & a few disagree, thats bound to happen, but for those who disagree think really hard because if they really wanted to honor those 2 then they should have waited until either.. Opening day next year when attendence would probally be filled to capacity because for some reason its like we forget how bad the cats are & still decide to attend or next years Labour day game.

Tristan...Mike and Rob hadnt decided to officially retire yet. If you remember back in TC they both said they werent ready to do that. How do you expect the organization to plan an event when it hadnt been decided yet?

Doing it next year has some merit..however, if the official retirement was announced this week, and nothing was done to honour them, the team would have been crucified for not honouring them.

Remember, you cant win (literally and figuretively)if you are a Ticat in this town

Why would you stomp all over a good conspiracy theory by introducing something so mundane as "facts"?

I still think the release of Mike and Rob was ill-timed and they could have been a great benefit to the team especially the way this season has gone.....however, having said that, no-one seems to be noticing that they announced their retirement yesterday and we all know they said they'd do that on their own timetable right?...

Sooooo, they announce it at the golf tourney on a Monday so doesn't it make sense that they be honoured the very next game?....which happens to be a game which typically attracts the biggest audience....

.....makes sense to me anyhow and, yeah, if a few more people show up for this, why not?...(but I don't think that was a hidden motive)

Have a great Tuesday all!



PS.....Rocky DiPietro was honoured on a Labour Day back in the early 90's (?) if you recall...it was at the game where they jammed the east end zone with extra bleacher seats if memory serves. I remember it clearly

The organization couldn't win on this one. Whatever they decided to do, some would've found fault with it.

C'mon, it's a 3-day weekend, the weather will be ideal, it's the Labor Day "Be Happy" Classic, maybe a new QB and you get to send off two fan faves at half time.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think this is an excellent idea by the club. The players deserve to be honoured in this way. I think it will be a fine tribute. I think the way they were released was in good taste and well handled by management. No sense rehashing all that now, those who think it was done badly will not change their minds, neither will those who, like me, think it was done well.

One day, Rob will be on the Wall of honour, likely the Hall of Fame too. Also well deserved. Mike could receive further honours as well.

I'm going to the game Monday (was going anyway before this came up) and will look forward to the half-time events very much. It should be a great day.

Is this post supposed to be a joke or something..
Remind me how this organization treated Rob and Mike,because if I remember they were offerd jobs and were given a press confrence where they were highly spoken about...Most players are released without any offers..or press confrences...
For those of you who think this organization is scamming you STAY HOME............

Were the Ti-Cats using Jesse Lumsden as "bait" on August 3rd? If I remember correctly, Ivor Wynne was hosting the "McMaster Football Alumni Appreciation Night: Presented by Jesse Lumsden and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats."

I guess it's not a "low-ball attempt to sell tickets" when it concerns your alma mater, eh Tristan...?

If this really was a way of selling more tickets, don’t you think that the Cats would have given each fellow his own special day, instead of grouping them together? :wink:

Okay, let’s not honour them at all just so people won’t think that the team is trying to drum up support and pull the wool over our eyes about how bad this season has been. :roll: I know that seeing two of the hardest-working, longest-serving Ticats honoured will totally brainwash me into forgetting that we are in last place.