Honolulu Parrots/Grey Cup in Hawaii

The CFL needs to put a team in Honolulu.

Call them the Honolulu Parrots. Teams colors are red, lime green, powder blue, and white.

Home games are played in Aloha Stadium.

Grey Cup is permanently played in Aloha Stadium.

I can't think of anything that sucks, when November rolls around, it gets cold, the sky turns gray and you don't see the sun again until April. That's depressing.


do you understand what the Grey Cup means to this country? Its a national event where people from all over Canada join to watch the game. What makes the Grey Cup so great is that the weather could be awful and that makes for some of the most exciting games (96 Grey Cup).

plus do you really think people in Hawaii care about the CFL? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I got a feeling you've never had a margarita before? Maybe you don't drink alcohol, and that's fine....

There's as many fans south of the border as there are in Canada with ESPN3. Probably even more. There just aren't enough fans congregated together to support a team in a single city, when there's competition with 11 man ball when September rolls around.

It's just not Canada's game. You're out numbered.You got as many fans in the ole USA if not more, than in Canada.

Honolulu has no Sunday NFL games to watch live. By the time Hawaiians get up in the morning the 1PM games in the Eastern time zone are already over.

It would be cool to see Chad Owens wearing a red jersey, white pants with a powder blue/lime green stripe, and a red helmet with a powder blue/lime green parrot decal playing on Sunday afternoons.

When was the last time you've been on a vacation? When was the last time you flew to a Grey Cup game in Canada? You haven't been to a Grey Cup game live anyway so what difference would it make? Would you rather grab a t-shirt/shorts and hit the sand or fly to Edmonton all bundled up?

Who knows, may Mouse Davis or June Jones could be persuaded to coach the team.

You don't have to bring the poster's personal life into the discussion, that's just unnecessary. The majority of Americans wouldn't want the Super Bowl played in Toronto and the majority of Canadians wouldn't want the Grey Cup contested in America.

Do you have a source for your claims of American support for the CFL? Or are you just trying to stir the pot here?

The nay sayers need to hold on for the second.
This idea merits consideration.
I have always said there should be an all star game In Hawaii, but this may be one better.
If the new team can guarantee 25,000 season ticket holders for 3 years and a franchise fee of $25M with a further $10M security bond, I am all for it.
Especially since we may need a new western division city.

That was a combined persona of the typical CFL fan in Canada. Not intended to be personal so-to-speak.

Given my choice between going to Detroit or Toronto to see a Super Bowl, I'd choose Toronto.

Not sure what your source is for Americans not choosing Canada for its site, when you consider our two countries are strong/interdependent neighbors.

Neither is true.

But consider this. If you include the ESPN3 viewership in July in the United States for a country that is relatively huge compared to Canada, you can have weak support in many individual US cities because it is dispersed, but add up the grand total it could still exceed the total support in Canada...for the month of July.

What would be wrong for doing it for a year or two? If it doesn't catch on, just fold the Honolulu team. As long as the team can successfully make thru an entire year in paying its bills, does it matter?

You said 25,000 season tickets? You meant 15,000 correct? McGill maxes out at 25,000. As long as money is deposited beforehand to pay its players/coaches and travel expenses ...to cover an entire single season.

I had a visual of a jersey and helmet that looked a Hawaiin shirt... the Parrots? Why not call them the Hulas and have them wear grass pants... just a idiotic idea all around... :thdn:

In order to appease the many non US expansion fans and in order to avoid another MISTAKE(financial and otherwise) by learning from the previous US expansion, this has to be a virtual 100% success.
My guaranteed season tickets, higher franchise fee and the security bond would do just that.

What’s wrong with trying it? Are you saying folding a team in the offseason is not an option (with emphasis on offseason) ever?

I’m 110% in agreement in having financial “bonds” or whatever to assure all teams can make it thru an entire season and pay its bills.

I’m not sure how taking more money away from a new team beyond a “bond” in the form of an entrance fee helps the cause or even assures anything?

the grey cup is a canadian tradition. we are not ever playing it in any other country. thats just stupid, to say the least.

I dont care if we have a billion fans world wide, it is still canada's game.

Montreal traveling to hawaii to play a game, well thats one way to beat them I guess.

But you wouldn't give a second thought to going to a movie that was created/financed in Hollywood, California, or buying a car that was fundamentally put together in Detroit, Michigan or Japan before arriving in Canada, or buying clothes made in China?

Like I said to another poster, the average Canadian will never hop on an airplane and travel to another part of Canada to see the Grey Cup in person. You'll be watching it on TV.

If the Blue Jays make it to the World Series, there will be some games played in Canada...an American past time.

I'm wondering if this all has to do with fear of flying and/or never having vacationed in Hawaii?

That's a good thing. Why would you want to go to the Grey Cup and be surrounded by a bunch of people who don't understand football and are only there because the game is in Hawaii? I want above average fans at the Grey Cup, and there always is.

Blue Jays won the World Series in 1992 and 1993, it has happened. But there is no strictly Canadian professional baseball league, the MLB is now a North American league.

And if you actually think this has to do with fear of flying/warm weather/Hawaii, you're really missing the point. Americans are some of the most passionate people with regards to their country, so I'm surprised you're having difficulty comprehending our point of view on the matter.


This is the CANADIAN football league. The CFL tried to expand into the US before and it failed miserably. There probably are more American fans now, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

The Grey Cup is a CANADIAN tradition. You don't take an event like the Grey Cup and stick it in Hawaii. CFL fans from across Canada go every year and it's a big event. It's also nice for the economy of the city hosting it. You pretty clearly have no idea what it means to Canada to suggest moving it.

And yes, the average Canadian will never go see a Grey Cup in another city. But a heck of a lot more will do that for the Grey Cup than go to Hawaii. Only real fans go. Just as it should be!

Yes, this is Canada's game. The CFL pre-season drew higher TV ratings than the NBA finals in Canada. Regular season games usually get higher ratings than the NHL. It blows NFL ratings out of the water. Just because there are some fans in the US now doesn't mean it's not Canada's game.

And if it doesn't work out and you "just fold the Honolulu team", it just makes the league look stupid. It would be a disaster to go there and pack up and leave a couple years later.

So, it's stupid from a business standpoint, the cities of the Canadian teams wouldn't want it, the fans in Canada who actually support the teams wouldn't want it. The travel becomes a nightmare for teams, too.

ArgoT's ideas might make it plausible financially, but it still makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

How is that any different than not asking a girl out on a date for fear of rejection?

There's nothing to do in Hawaii in the fall on a Sunday.

Sure, I'm all for it, as soon as we annex Hawaii.

Seriously, though this is thread is in the running for "Worst Expansion Sports League Expansion idea ever". The only reason it hasn't won worst expansion idea ever is because Gary Bettman actually succeeded in putting a team in Phoenix. In case you haven't realized, this is Canada, it supposed to be cold when we award the Grey Cup.

little more risk involved when dealing with a multi-million dollar business, no?

if they ever get an NFL team in canada, will USA NFL purists be ok with the SB being played in Canada. I think not.

The rest of what you said was pointless.

I think you might have some difficulty finding an owner for said team, and even if you did the travel for that team would be horrendous.

I'd like to know what happened to the OP's "keep the league at 8 teams" argument. I guess he abandoned it already :lol: