Honestly what did you expect???

after the play this year and especially in the last few weeks what did you really expect to see lastnight? minus head coach oline coach offensive co-ordinator and gm that we started with not to mention the many cuts and roster changes i think it is safe to say that we all saw this coming. i think we need to just start evalutating on a player by player basis and not worry about the outcome of the game. prepare for next year and treat this like a pre season so to speak. come back down from that ledge you guys are on and dont take these beat downs so personal. i highly doubt it is harder on you then the players. i think its safe to say this season is a wash.

I got what I expected from the defence and for the most part the offense as well. The problem is that we don't have a QB on the field that has the confidence of the team and as a result we folded like a cheap suit at the first sign of adversity. Start a different QB and we have a shot at this game. We did after all trail by only 6 well into the 3rd quarter and into the 4th IN SPITE of Maas' inability to stay calm inside the oppositions 50

Can I make a suggestion about how they come down off that ledge?

As I alluded to in my pre-game post ... there was very good reason to be WARY of the trip to IWS ... and I honestly got MORE than I expected.

IT WAS STILL A GAME with 3 minutes remaining in the Third Quarter !!! And it wasn't OFFICIALLY OVER until the END of the THIRD Q. One full QUARTER more than I have stayed at the stadium thus far this SEASON !!

Not to BELABOUR the obvious lapse in reason on a certain 3 and 1 1/2 - BUT, if they punt the damn football - the game stays INTERESTING for even longer.

That ONE PLAY was the ABSOLUTE FULCRUM of the Tiger Cat DEMISE. From that point forward - the WHEELS FLEW OFF their wagon and they were DONE before the beginning of the Fourth.

There were also some mini-highlites within the game ...

Holmes was FUN to watch.
Quinnie did some good things.
Boreham played well enough.
The defense was fairly solid.
Damon Allen provided a nice moment.
The Half Time Gymnastic/Acrobatic display was VERY IMPRESSIVE, although their choice of colours was a little SUSPECT.

I would have liked to see Maas PULLED after he BADLY, underthrew Morreale for what should have been 6. The worste part of that HORRIBLE display, the missed 6 notwithstanding, was the fact the FANS were ROBBED of (what would have been) a POIGNANT moment ... on what will most likely be his last LDC !

Overall, with the weather's co-operation, it was a FAIRLY ENJOYABL EVE with the missus. For 3/4 anyway !!


Without an OC we actually saw the offence improve. Which is sad considering the output.

What did I expect?

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Newworld is on the money here folks. It's just so sad that we're talking 2007 at mid-season. Let's just get through the rest of the year and put this puppy to rest!

The best part is I can watch all the CFL games and not get too emotional about what if this team won or lost and how that would impact on the Cats. It can be more fun watching other teams go at and how it will play out at the end without worrying about your team. I find this true a lot of the time although I would prefer my "home team emotion" would be there, without a doubt.

Hey Earl, this is so true. I remember travelling to Winnipeg for the '98 Grey Cup and I was more "nervous" than anything. Subseqent Cups, I actually got to relax and enjoy things a bit more. See, there's an up side in losing :slight_smile: haha

we all saw it coming a little, but on labour day, you can't help but have a little hope. it even looked like the magic might happen for a little while, untill we were throughly clobbered, and just stopped even trying.

you're right though.. I don't exactly envy the players. however, they are being paid to lose, while we are paying to watch them lose.

I'd say we're all pretty p.o.ed.

Isn't it like a movie or play though? I mean, you pay to go to a movie and are disappointed, it didn't live up to it's bill. But you had a night out with the girlfriend, or wife or friends, or perhaps alone, and this was an outing, out of the house, to be a bit social and do something. Sports maybe isn't that much different.

Sports: Season's tickets are almost a year long commitment of entertainment. It's a big chunk of money up front and then you have 10 nights planned for that year. (Or if you don't make it to a game, you essentailly pay for a night out that you didn't even have.)

Movie: You pay $10 and if you don't like the movie you don't have to go back and see it 9 more times. Or for that matter, see 9 sequels of equally bitter dissapointment.

Play: Perhaps a little more expensive but again, you don't have to go back if it was brutal.

Obviously the money you spend on entertainment isn't always going to be worth it but this is brutal.

Yea, but live theatre can be expensive for season's tickets, and not all plays you'll like.
I just don't buy it's totally brutal AMG. Perhaps if we we're a bit more cagey as fans, we could have waited to buy season's tickets until Bob set in place a true GM with a true accountability structure, rather than the rookie experiment that he did. But if the experiment worked and all of that, we'd be saying he was a genious. We took a chance that the Cats would be a winner, fine, it failed. But there is much more to sports entertainment for me than just winning and losing, it's a big part but not the only part. He is going to try and fix things, him and his staff. In the meantime, renew your seasons tickets everyone, maybe go for cheaper ones if you want, but lets not bail on the Cats, lets say we are as good as Leaf fans over the years!!!