Honest question,who looked worse:Ham/Mtl ?

Okay guys I've got to ask here honestly the big question who looked worse in week 1 ? the Al's or the Cats. :oops:
The reason I ask is that I was helping my son move all day Saturday and didn't watch any of your game vs Calg. only saw the highlights(lowlights?)on CFL.ca and read the post game report as well as taking a look in these forums on Sunday morning.By all reports it didn't seem to go to well for your team on Saturday as it looked like Calgary thoroughly dominated your team all day.
As for the Cats-Riders game,unfortunately I watched this gong show from start to finish(3 hours of my life that I'll never get back :cry: )I unfortunately witnessed the Cats lose yet again another season opener(0-10 since 2004 in openers)and I can honestly say that that was one of the most putrid games I've watched in a long ,long while :x So simply put having not had the chance to watch the Al's game,but unfortunately wasting my time seeing the Cats get pounded in theirs who the heak in your opinion looked more worse/pathetic.....the Al's ? or the Cats ? and let's not forget also that the Argos also layed an egg in week 1 as well.Is it possible that the Al's,Cats and Argos are as bad as they looked and the East so inept and weak or maybe the games were mirages and all 3 clubs decided to shat the bed all at once.In closing for the CFL Least division,er East :oops: IMO one of the worst opening weeks in a long,long time by all 3 teams,let's just hope it's not a sign of things to come in the 2014 season.Things can't possibly get worse......or can they ??? :oops: :cry: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

That's kind like asking who is the smartest Harry or Lloyd of (Dumb and Dumber) :wink:

Also the conditions in Saskatchewan were so bad that it make a comparison difficult.

Personally I think the Ticats are in worse shape at this stage because both the offense and defense stunk. The oline might be the worst I've seen in a decade. The Als have a great defense. They gave up five big plays but only one in the first half. The other four came because they had been on the field the whole game and the two and outs by the Als offense wore them out.

Lots of football left and I don't see any team in the East right now that can run away with it. So it will come down to who can improve the most and stay healthy over the course of the long CFL season.

I agree with about all of this, but I would say that I have much more faith in Hamilton's coaching staff to improve their team down the line than I do Montreal's at this point.

I'm not so sure they have the coaching to fix that defense. On offense absolutey. Hamilton is in year two of their program and they can and will make lots of adjustments, they have a lot of flexibility with their ratio and once Dykowski returns it will help them even more. With Mo Price breaking his hand in Calgary, you might also see a trade sonner than later between Hamilton and Calgary to bring old Moe back to give them a hand on that oline.

After week one. All teams are tied...

From the weekend games I have to say Hamilton looked worse with their turnstile o-line. You certainly are missing Hage and Dyakowski, and Fantusz being out was probably also a factor.

And I dont know if its the Tillman influence on Austin, but you can`t keep changing players and expect chemistry to instantly develop.

But long term I have more confidence in Collaros as a QB than Troy Smith. Plus you have a Kent Austin to help develop him.

And whats with Austin and his post game interviews after a loss? Nobody works harder than Drew Edwards, plus hes almost the Cats PR director, yet gets vilified by Austin for asking a legitimate question about the o-line.

I still say Montreal looked worse. Hamilton will sort out its issues. It's by no means a given that we'll sort out ours.

I was trying to tell everyone in pre season just how bad our O-Line was and how it needed to be addressed and fixed,on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give our line as it currently sits a solid -10 (that’s minus 10,by the way) :thdn:

I do agree with you though that Collaros has more upside than Smith right now,that is if he isn’t killed first playing behind those 5 turn stiles that we have as a line.

As for Austin’s treatment of Drew Edwards,I agree with you 100% on this,Austin treats him like he is an annoying little brother who constantly tries to hang around with his big brother,but big brother just swats him aside like he is a nuisance who constantly just seems to irritate him to no end IMO Austin should show a lot more respect to Drew in appreciation to all the time and effort he puts in writing and promoting this team.

Here is Drew Edwards post game report and Austin’s post game interview(you be the judge) as well as Collaro’s remarks after the game


Big difference in weather conditions for the two games.
Wind but sunny for the Stamps/Als.
Smith couldn't hit the side of a barn on Saturday. Play calling for the Als offense, like a PeeWee team.

Riders/Cats game in the rain. Durant said post game the Riders have been practicing in these conditions for weeks thus an advantage over the Cats.

I would give the edge to the Cats for the simple fact Austin vs Higgins. Second year for Austin and his offense.
Higgins out of football for 7 years and Dinwiddie rookie OC.

Some of the questions asked by Drew and the other guy I think it was Schianti were really badly worded questions. One of the questions was are you angry or disapointed... something like that... You ask A or B loaded questions of course Austin won't appreciate that.

But then you have to give the same courtesy to Thorpe...

I am not so sure that the Cats looked worse. They are still unable to run the ball at all. Last year lefevour had to supplement the run. And a week after Montreal shut the Cats running game down last year the Cats needed to put in a special package for Masoli that no one in the world could have predicted.
Austin Loves Gable he can block and catch but he is a RB and has not proven that he can rune the ball at the pro level.
Montreal can run the Ball.
When Whitaker went down Montreal was albe to bring in several RBs who were able to run the ball very well.

Fair enough. Still believe the Cats at this point will be able to get their offense on track to score some points.
Can only hope this will happen for the Als.
Otherwise Noel's D will be on the field far too long and can not expect them to keep the team in there game in game out.

Aucune idée. TSN ne veut pas que je regarde les parties de la LCF sur son site, alors je ne regarde que les parties des Alouettes.

La diffusion de la LCF est nulle à chier avec les vautours que sont Bell et Rogers.

Hamilton looked worse because they were beaten up in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

Mark my words - the Collaros signing will go down in Hamilton infamy a la Jason Maas and Casey Printers.

The way I see it. Its Burris for Collaros,Butler and Laurent. Time will tell.

OMG!!!! I hope and pray that you are wrong,wrong,wrong on this one.I don't think I could stomach another season or seasons like we had with those two stumble bums at the helm.The one thing though that I keep picturing in my mind is that somewhere in Ottawa right now "Smiling" Hank is really smiling knowing that he won't have to play behind that line this year.Here's a prediction for you,if Collaros doesn't improve or get killed behind that line sometime this season,that we will eventually see Masoli take over as the #1 QB before the season is over.I realize that it's only week 1,but based on the results so far in the East,I could see 8 or 9 wins max getting somebody a 1rst place finish this season,6 or 7 wins will probably get you the 2nd and 3rd place spots and a definite cross over from the West for the play offs this season,with only 2 from the East qualifying with .500 records or worse. :oops: :thdn:

HAM left Hage unprotected and knew Dyakowski wouldn’t be available for a while, so who did they expect to step in for 2014? Are other potential o-line starters injured?

That offensive line is ghastly one reason MTL will finish ahead of HAM this season.

The Cats currently have 5 extra linemen scattered amongst the 1 gm/6 gm/pr .The only problem being that out of those 5 only Dyakowski can be considered a legitimate starter and from what the indication is won't be available if at all until Labour day.
The team currently has along with Dyakowski,back-up tackle Marc Dile and back-up center Mike Filer on the 6 gm
Back-up Joel Reinders who can play both guard and tackle is on the 1 gm IL and on the pr the team has rookie OT import Dominic Alford who played out of position at LG in the pre-season game against the Argos and was as effective as a human pylon allowing at least 3 of the 10 sacks that game.The two current back-ups on the game day are Carson Rockhill and Landon Rice who both spent all of last season on the team's pr and didn't see a minute of game action all last year.To top things off both our starting tackles Simmons and Figueroa for whatever reason have been switched up from LT to RT this season,and FA acquisition Steve Myddelton has looked absolutely pathetic so far in Dyakowski's old guard spot.Tim O'Neill at center and all-star Greg Wojt at guard round out this unit.So as you can see this unit is a hurting one with little to no game day experience or depth to speak of.I'm not sure exactly where and how they shore up and fix this unit,but I have to agree with you if something isn't done and fast that this season for the Cats could be heading South sooner than later.

Collaros will be fine. They just need that O-line to solidify is all. Austin and Condell know what they're doing. Hamilton didn't all of a sudden lose the ability to play in one offseason and the team is notorious for being a slow starter. They'll rebound.

Hopefully the Als will rebound too :wink: