honest opinion from a guy from Hawaii about ticats

start chang now...i mean now...i already said in my previous topic that chang should start by game 6..but look happens..its going to be game 8..and what is ticats record..1 and 6...how embarrassing...taafe should get fired...the coach reminds me of Fred Von Appen who lasted only i think a year or 2 as our head coach in hawaii before June Jones....he is similar to Fred Von Appen who was an overred paid coach...that did not get us wins. right now all i can say is the ticats are losers...the coach should be fired...(because of wrong decisions, bad coaching (ticats defense would not have any penalties if they were coached correctly)... end of story ... come on peeps let me here ya respond to this comment


Not a troll, sig, just a Homer.

A much more forgivable offence

than flat-out 1st string QB bashing.

RFTT, I consider calling the Hamilton Tiger-Cats "losers" counts as being a troll.

Hey sigpig, here's a thought for you: rather than callously dismiss this guy as a "troll," why don't you actually step back for a second, put your personal loyalties to the Ti-Cats aside, and look at the situation.

Think about how amazing it is that the CFL even has fans in a place like Hawaii. Chang was a star in college, and now they see him riding the pine on a team that is 1-6, the same team that refuses to sit their starting quarterback for even one game. Any logical fan would think that this is absurd, which it is.

I like Maas, and I wish him all the best, but I have to side with Island Boy on this one.

Does that give me the "moral" right to go onto the UofH football website and trash their team?

You do whatever you like. If they are as bad as the Ticats and make ridiculous decisions like the Cats have regarding their QBs than you go right ahead. Stop trying to protect a coach's pigheaded decisions and a QB's incredibly poor play.
i agree with our friend from Hawaii. Welcome aboard. Chang will play eventually and hopefully not before it's too late.

Thank whatever diety you pray to that you're not the head coach. With "fans" like you, it's a wonder that anybody would bother to play in this city.

Mods - I don't give a **** if you delete this post - as a matter of fact, I would welcome some sort of explanation as to why you let crap like this go on ad nauseum.

It's only a game sigpig! And "entertainment"! Of late it hasn't been the best "entertainment"!

The paying customers are not happy...they are requesting a "change"!

Let me ask you this...if Chang was our starting QB...could you live with that? (forget the record...just if Chang was our QB as of NOW!)

I've never jeered or boo'ed Mass...but I'm disapointed in our results with him at the helm. Chang learns little by sitting on the sidelines and unless he get's a REAL CHANCE to show his "mettle" this discussion will continue!

Crap like what? Asking for change for a team that is 1 and 6 is not crap----it is common sense. You might have a disagreement with the types of change needed, but if you don't open your eyes to the fact that a last place team needs change, then you are only fooling yourself.
This poster said nothing wrong and should not be subjected to unprovoked attacks from you because you have a different opinion.

Carefull now...asking for "COMMON SENSE" :lol:... that is a commodity not abundant around members who chose not to look at the facts! :wink:


Taaffe is safe, I would think. If things continue in the win-loss column as they have, Maas may have another 3-4 weeks as starter, maximum.

Time will tell. With Armstead in tow, we have Ralph and Armstead as CFL-experienced deep threats. There aren't many excuses left if you know what I mean. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe its time for a 30 day vacation..these personal attacks are getting out of hand.calling people trolls cause you dont like there opinion is pretty much trolling in itself.

There’s nothing honest about this opinion. If Chang played in Oaklahoma, our island friend would not have even heard of the CFL and we’d be getting these threads from tulsa_boy.

Its an open forum about ticats and the cfl. nowhere in the rules does it say you have to live in hamilton to post.

To answer your question woody, if it was the Coach's decision to play and start Chang, then I would defer to his knowledge and experience and cheer my throat raw for him. Forgive my "disgruntledness", but the four years of QB bashing and "this team s***s - fire everybody" mentality has finally started to wear me down.

Say, for example, I went onto, I don't know, a General Motors discussion forum and started bashing every vehicle, executive, management decision, and verbally attack every forum member who might disagree with my opinion. Would I be welcome on such a site? How long do you think I'd last?

You are correct - it IS only a game and entertainment. It is one that I love to watch and follow. I want a winning team (of course) but if we are a losing team, then I at least want them to be competitive. IMHO, there have only been two games this year that we did not have a chance of winning. EVERY OTHER GAME HAS BEEN CLOSE - at least until the last 5 minutes of the game. I have soon a great amount of improvement, and I EXPECT it to continue.

Would "flamer" be more appropriate?

Thats a low blow,calling someone a troll is one thing but a personal attack on my sexuality ? that is uncalled for!!