Hometown Music at Ivor Wynne..........

Recently, hometown rocker Tom Wilson ranted publicly that the Ticats fans should hear nothing but Hammertown Music at the games............what do you think? :smiley:

Here's Tom's rant (clearly from his heart and love of the Ticats):

What songs inspire Hamilton football fans?

May 05, 2008
By Graham Rockingham
The Hamilton Spectator
What Hamilton songs would you nominate?

So Tom Wilson wants the Tiger-Cats to play nothing but Hammertown rock at Ivor Wynne Stadium this season. Is he right out of his head? Well, not necessarily.
As one of the city's best known rockers with bands like Junkhouse and Blackie And The Rodeo Kings, Wilson knows of what he speaks.
When asked last week about the Cats' new "Welcome To Tigertown" marketing campaign, Wilson replied that the team needed more hometown music.
“All the rock 'n' roll they need is made here in Hamilton," Wilson told the Spectator's Ken Peters.
Well, he's probably right. And a lot of it fits in perfectly with what's happening on the field.
If you were making up a list of great Hamilton-born football songs, you'd have to start with Crowbar's biggest hit, Oh What A Feeling, which hit No. 1 back in 1971.
I'm not sure if the band was thinking about the Ticat's running game when they wrote the song's chorus, but they certainly might have been. I'm thinking not so much the "Oh What A Feeling" part, but the "What a Rush" line that follows. The song is made for Ticat running back Jesse Lumsden. Think of it. Every time Jesse tears through the line for a first down, the Ivor Wynne speakers should be blasting "What A Rush."
And when Lumsden breaks downfield for another big gain, what better accompaniment could there possibly be than local rap/rocker Kazzer's Pedal To The Metal? Kazzer's 2003 hit was good enough to earn a spot on the big screen as part of the soundtrack for The Italian Job, so why not play it on Ivor Wynne's Tigervision?
How many Teenage Head songs fit? Plenty. There's Let's Shake, which is so good it should be the Cats' theme song. And if things are getting kind of personal on the line of scrimmage, how about Picture My Face? Or for those big up-ending tackles - there’s Top Down.
For those who love Motown, don't forget that Hamilton bluesman Harrison Kennedy was originally a member of the Chairmen of the Board. They had that huge hit back in 1971, called Give Me Just A Little More Time. Wouldn't that be perfect for last-minute drives?
And if you have to rally the troops is there anything more inspiring than Stan Rogers' Barrett's Privateers?
Let's talk bell-ringer numbers. Nothing could be more appropriate than Junkhouse's 1993 single, Out of My Head? There's also Finger Eleven's monster hit, Paralyzer? Okay, maybe the band originated in Burlington, but drummer Rich Beddoes currently lives right here in the Hammer. Besides, Paralyzer gets played everywhere. I even hear it at my son's Atom hockey games. TiCat games would be a natural.
Tomi Swick played defensive end with Cathedral before he became a Juno-winning rocker. So I'm sure he has plenty of tunes to fuel the Cats' fire. There's Come In 2s, for those two-point converts, or I'm Sorry, for the Cat who drops a ball, draws a costly penalty or generally suffers from cerebral flatulence.
What about those times when the refs are even more bone-headed than the players. We can't let the refs get away with everything. So there's got to be a song just for them. Wilson's Had Enough of You Today (with it's "shut up" chorus) fits the bill perfectly.
Wilson's good friend Kathleen Edwards, who moved to Hamilton a couple of years ago with her guitarist husband Colin Cripps, is an Senators fan and sings mostly about hockey. But the title song of her second album, Back To Me, might be a good way to herald a punt, interception, or fumble. If you don't like Kathleen's version, Canadian Idol Brian Melo has his own song called Back To Me on his new album, Living It.
I'm sure I'm missing a few. Local satirist B.A. Johnston, for example, has a cute little ditty called Oskeewee but some of the lyrics may only be unfit for family fare.
I haven't found a way yet to tie Surfing On Heroin by The Forgotten Rebels with Pigskin Pete, but the band's former bass player, Chris Houston, has been working on a new song that might prove popular with the rowdies in the east end-zone stands. It's called Einstein's Brain's In Hamilton (We Don't Have To Be Stupid Anymore). It doesn't have anything directly to do with football, but, somehow, it seems to carry the right kind of Steeltown message.

Oskee Wee Wee Everyone!

Your Friend,


I'll gladly toe-tap to The Forgotten Rebels' "F**k Me Dead" if we lose to the Blue Team 48-0 again!

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

whos rant is it?

Actually, it's Graham Rockingham getting behind Tom Wilson's rant..........to be exact..lol :slight_smile:

Any local artists you can recommend?.......or some "oldies but goldies" ?........anyone remember a band from Stoney Creek called "Old Sailor" ?......or.........."Vehicle" ?

How about "Tranquility Base" ?..........

well, I turn the floor over to you guys........ :stuck_out_tongue:

Best players should play no matter where they were born.
We deserve this.

Best music should be played no matter where the band members were born.
We deserve this.

Steve Strongman is a Hamilton blues guitarist who opened for Buddy Guy at Hamilton Place.

This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard.

No offense to any fans of Hamilton music, much of it is excellent.

Just a silly idea IMHO.

A worthwhile idea that could eventually become a beloved local tradition, but only under two conditions:

-that it not be an every game thing, but maybe a one game a year annual tradition. Done every game, it would soon become tiresome for most people, at which point a pretty good idea becomes a liability and then an embarrasment when they scrap it.

-they dig deeper than the obvious and change some of the stuff up from year to year. Go beyond the thirty local songs everyone knows.

If its good enough then play it but not just because its a hometown band. Maybe after a hometown player makes a big hit we could play a local song he likes or something. Matt Hayes singing 'oh'Canada' is bad enough followed by Jason Farr all night that we dont need all local content unless its pertinent to the action. Their are some great local songs to choose from but it would get old fast, like one Mr Wilson.

thats the worst idea i have heard on here in awile.

No thank I'd Rather we mix the Music up.
Having Just Hamilton Area bands would get boring after a while.

I think that may be going too far, and too much of a limitation on what gets played at IWS. And as Tom Wilson is from the area, I think he may be biased. :slight_smile:

I understand where he is coming from though. Perhaps a percentage of what gets played there could be by local artists. I suppose that could be thought of as similar to Cancon rules, although I'm not sure if some strict "Hamcon" rule would be necessary.

no thank u.

i wouldnt mind the occassional local tune thrown in, but not more than 5-10%

With the product the Cats have put on the field the past three years, the last thing they need to do is limit their entertaining and marketing down to a handful of average to below average musicians with a limited song repertoire. I don't want to be too harsh here but Hamilton is not exactly a hotbed for Cdn music. I don't mind a few songs if they are appropriate but that's as far as it should go. Let's see now Teenage Head vs Rolling Stones... Even TH's name is a little inappropriate for a family event....

only if you think it is

Well, thanks for all the opinions, pro or con......I do admire Tom Wilson for at least speaking up and recognizing/promoting Hamilton talent......there's lots of great talent in Hamilton and it's great when it's recognized.

And he also sees the popularity of the Ticats and the potential to work with them for the benefit of all.