Homemade Heroes

As I said in another post, finally some CFL coverage hit the weekend paper and one of the articles was a great read. Dan Toth of the Sun selected his candidates for the top ten greatest hosers to ever play the CFL game. His selections:

No. 1: RUSS JACKSON, QB, Ottawa, six all-star appearances ('62, '63, '66-'69), four time Schenley top Canadian winner and three time Schenley outstanding player, three time GC winner including his final game in '69, elected to the Hall of Fame in '73.

No. 2: TERRY EVANSHEN, WR, Montreal-Calgary-Hamilton, 14 seasons, all-star in '65, '66-'69 and '75, two-time winner of outstanding Canadian award, tragedy: an '88 car crash left him unable to remember any of his CFL days.

No. 3: LUI PASSAGLIA, K, B.C., ‘LOOOOOOOOOO’, 25 seasons (CFL record), 408 games (CFL Record), 3,991 points (CFL Record), 'nuff said.

No. 4: CHRIS WALBY, G/T, Winnipeg, 3 GC rings, 11 all-star awards, '87 and '93 outstanding lineman awards.

No. 5: TED URNESS, G/T, Saskatchewan, all-star '65 to '70, GC in '66, coincidence or not? with Ted’s arrival in '61 the riders made the playoffs for 15 years straight, coincidence or not part two? Urness fronted the Line during the Lancaster and Reed record breaking eras.

No. 6: ROCKY DIPIETRO, SB, Hamilton, 14 year career, all-star '81 '82 '86 and '89, outstanding canuck in '82 and '89, four GC appearances, hard-hitting, punishing, words that describe a blue-collar man born in a blue-collar town (Sault Ste. Marie) plying his trade in a blue-collar-city.

No. 7: TONY GABRIEL, TE, Hamilton-Ottawa, ten time all-star '72 to '81, outstanding player in '78 and four time canadian outstanding player. Rider nightmares: almost singlehandedly killed Sask’s chances of winning both a '72 and '76 Grey Cup.

No. 8: RON STEWART, RB, Ottawa, all-star '60 '61 and '64, three GC rings, most notable effort: in a '60 game against Montreal he amassed 287 yards in 15 carries!!

No.9: TOM FORZANI, WR, Calgary, all-star '73 '74 '77, 180 lbs. of grit and determination. (personal favorite here, he was an instructor at a football camp I attended in '76, great personality and along with his ex-Stamps brothers are great community leaders).

No. 10: BILL BAKER, DE, Saskatchewan-BC, ‘Bill Baker the Undertaker’ as his teammates affectionately called him, five all-star awards, was the reason the ‘clothesline’ tackle was outlawed in the CFL.

anyway, interesting players, anybody else out there that deserves mentioning?

Finally something to sink your teeth into about the league… but.about the pics…there sure are some quality players put forward in Mr. Toths’ selections…quite a few missed though, and I WOULD GUESS everyone in the league would have their favourites…one of mine, Leo Lewis ,one of the all time greats for the BOMBERS …and I could go on…let’s hear somebody else’s choices…lots of old and new talent out there… :arrow:

Je comprends pas pourquoi il n’a pas mis Bruno Heppell dans sa liste, Heppell était un des joueurs les plus polulaire à Montréal. :smiley: