Homefield Stamps A Force! - BC is Next.

Those Stamps looked good today.

Some may argue that if Bishop was Throwing for T.O. it woulda' been diffrerent but that really don't mean anything. Toronto seemed to have good QB depth.

Now The Undefeated Lions are headed to Calgary.

I think It will be an action packed game.

Will BC have to pick up another QB before this game?

Nik Lewis will be dressed for that game, IMO.

Dave Dickenson should be holding a clipboard and offer his experience, IMO.

Well the Lions are coming to town for sure but the Stamps will need to do more to beat the very good team the Lions have.

Yeah but will BC have to pick up another QB before this game?

Well all three are good QB's and that is a luxury most teams do not have. They may need soemone to hold the clip board but I think there will be not much difference with this team.

The Stamps do have a great home team, if the O line gives Burris time to throw, he'll be a force and thats coming from a Bomber fan who hates the Stamps...Good luck red05

Yes Hank thank you for the good advice.

Is Dickenson abler to play though?

I thought he was basically done. Too many concussions right?

Well I am sure it is up to Dave but it is getting to that point he really needs to think about his future. He could be one blow to the head to serious health issues.

Calgary's record in their last 11 home games: 10-1
Calgary's record in their last 11 away games: 2-9

Those numbers speak volumes.

Thanks Dragooon! I see you are up on the stats.

Boy I hope Dave is back... on the other hand, I don't want to rush him back if he's not ready. Buck looked horrible and I don't think we can rely on Jarious against the talented Calgary Stampeders. Hopefully Dr. Health comes to Dave & Buck's bedside and heals them quickly.

Big up respect to a good Stamps team. Can I ask an honest question (I feel like whatever I ask gets shot down): would the victory over BC be as sweet if it's against a 2nd or 3rd stringer? Not saying that you guys'll win, but just curious.


Well to be honest with you no matter who you put in there would be dangerous. Your team can win with a third stringer. I am hoping that the right Stamp team shows up for this game.

I think BC will have to grab a new QB before the end of the season.
Dave is bought his one way ticket to Concussion City and he is running for Mayor.

If Burris has to scramble and think for himself, game over....the stamps will be licking the Lions toenails...lol

I think you are right on that one. I hate to see it a great guy, great player and he is about to be a permanent resident of Calgary. Maybe he can help out his brother in Calgary here.

Gonna be a great game no matter who is starting at QB for the Lions. I would, however, have loved to see both #1 QBs go at it at McMahon, but I guess Burris and Jackson will have to do. I'm hoping we have Joe Smith in and Otis Floyd to make it somewhat respectable when it comes to injuries.

Well it is always good when your star players are in the game. But you never know a future star just might shine replacing one of the vets.

Maybe BC should pick up Rocky Butler.
How about . . . Shaun King?
Okay okay, trade Brent Johnson for Jason Maas.
How about Paris Jackson for Crandell?
Wait wait I got it. . . Joe Smith (barring any threatening injury) for Edmonton's LeFors?
BC is gonna need another QB I tell you.
Before the season is done.

Lions usually play pretty well at McMahon but it will depend whether the Lions O wants to show up or not. I have faith in the D

After 4 weeks of watching the Stamps, which team is gonna show up. So this should make for an interesting game and hopefully both teams show up and play well.

Before the season started, I looked at this game as being one of the games the Lions lose. (Can't go 18-0)

On a healthy point of view, Dickenson is out. Otis Floyd is out. Pierce and Smith are in, but are pretty "nicked" up. I expect a close game, but I won't be panicking if we lose this one. The Calgary team I expected finally showd up on Saturday against Toronto. This should be a good close game.