Home to the Ticats - Sept. 8/07 Postgame thoughts


-Bishop looks good
-new receivers look good Brousard (where was Cetoute?)
-Edwards scored a TD
-tons of picks by the secondary and Fletch

-Hamilton was allowed conselation - 2 TD by Williams
-lowest crowd of the season
-lack of rushing game

can we win the Grey Cup?

It was a gorgeous day in Toronto, downtown was very congested due to construction on the 401 and Gardiner. I'm sure these factors worked against attendence.

Getting to the game was alright.....but leaving! Damn!
What a mess!

I agree with Waterdownargos...where was Cetoute??? After the game he had on Labour Day, how does he get benched??? Also surpised that Tony Miles was "injured" & did not play.

What I really am confused about is why the Argos kicked off to start the game, only to kick off the Hamilton to start the 3rd quarter??? Mike Hogan told me on the Fan today they have done that 4 times this season only to have the opposition score. Let Bishop get on the field, he can't do much on the sidelines...

Anymore when Toronto plays Hamilton its part of the mercy rule. :smiley: