Home Team?

I see the Cats are wearing road jerseys. The West was the home team in 2013. Doesnt that mean the East should be the home team in 2014? I thought the CFL alternated the GC home teams every year. Just askin'.

Nope. Rule now is Home Team is based on Division of Host City.

Thanks FG69. Guess we gotta get more games in the East...

kinda doubley sucks just because this was supposed to be ottawa's game wasn't it?

and it's in the peg next year...

Stupid rule. The team with the best record should be the home team.

If IGF was done on time it was supposed to be in WPG today. BC got it because no one else bid. Best guess it next goes to WPG, OTT, HAM, SSK.

It’s already booked for Winnipeg on Nov.29/15.

I think Bummers are already mathmatically eliminated from playoffs too.

Well thank goodness today was not at IGF in Winterpeg. Windchill there right now - -36C


"windchill is -36"

Just another day in paradise lol

In Winnipeg? So we will be wearing the road jerseys again in 2015.


And probably lots of other layers too under our road uniforms. Wind chill in Winnipeg yesterday at the time of kickoff in Vancouver was -32C. Brrrr!

Home team should alternate between East and West. Next best is as Pigskinned noted is team with best record.