Home Team versus Road Team

With the CFL season down to the last 6 weeks or so, are there any teams that have a strong chance of making the playoffs that are better playing on the road than playing at home? Sometimes teams just get on a roll come playoff time and even though they only get to play one home game or none at all, they just are able to come through and make it to the championship, which in this case would be the Grey Cup in Vancouver in late November 2005.
Would any of you like to suggest a team that might fit that criteria, because even though I'm an American who lives in suburban Philadelphia (I was born in New York and grew up there), I think that's the type of team I'd like to root for and see if they can reach the Grey Cup game.

Well I don't know if they have good road records, but it looks like Saskatchewan, Calgary or Ottawa would have to win 3 playoff games on the road to win the Cup, IF they make they playoffs, as only 2 of them can make it assuming the status quo is maintained and BC wins the West, Toronto Wins the East, and Edmonton and Montreal are hosting semi finals.

If that's the case your team is the Riders! Heck we haven't hosted a playoff game for a generation now! 1986 I think was last home playoff game we had.

  1. and Ya Give the Riders a fair shake. They will probably let you down, but its still fun to be a Rider fan

Sask, Calgary or (Gulp) Edmonton could be a 3rd place team making the run to the cup. BC and Calgary have one Grey Cups recently from a 3rd place finish.