Home Sweet Home: A look at host teams in Grey Cups


It’s where we’ve all been staying for the last year amidst the pandemic that has flipped our lives upside down. It’s where we’re comfortable, where we feel safe and where we relax.

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Don't forget this weird string of Grey Cup winners:
In 1999, the Grey Cup was in Vancouver.
In 2000, BC Lions won the Grey Cup in Calgary.
In 2001, Calgary won the Grey Cup in Montreal.
In 2002, Montreal won the Grey Cup in Edmonton.
In 2003, Edmonton won the Grey Cup.

I was at BC Place in 83 when the Argos beat us in the Grey Cup and I was there in 2011 when we did win it but the very best was a western finale against The Riders. It was electric. A sell out, and so noisy. I don’t recall the year, I could look it up but I’m too lazy to do that. I do remember that West Jet gave everyone these bang sticks that made a hell of a noise. The Riders were just sol because of them. Funny thing was the sticks where all WJ green.

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I think that's the game that caused McCallum to get a little free lawn fertilizer back home.

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I think you're right. I forgot about that. So much fun!

  1. Yep, my favourite game that I went to, as well. 55,000 people in the stands, the highest non-GC attendance at the dome since the 80s. People showed up to check out Casey Printers and the team's late-game heroics. (Why Buono didn't go for it late in the Grey Cup game is beyond me, when his team were doing it all year.) NHL being on strike helped, too.

I had shivers during player introductions.