Home playoff scenarios

After the way they played this week I’m not sure the 'Riders can even beat Hamilton but presuming they pull it together here’s about the best possible outcome I can see hoping for:

BC @ Edm
Wpg @ Cal
Ham @ Sask

Cal @ Ham
Edm @ Sask
Tor @ BC

Sask @ Tor
Mon @ Edm
BC @ Cal

Final Standings:
Sask 12-6
Cal 11-7
BC 11-7
Edm 10-8

Now, the likelyhood that Calgary loses to Winnipeg is admittedly pretty slim but not totally out of the question. Also Sask beating Edmonton is going to be difficult though at least the game is in Regina. It’s a critical game because in any tiebreaking situations Sask is currently likely to be on the losing end. A win would at least give us the season series with Edmonton.

Probably more realistic to hope for a second place finish with Calgary first. Here we could get some help from Calgary defeating BC in the final game of the season. The Edmonton game remains critical and we probably have to go 3-0.