Home Playoff Game

I picked up my tickets today. Here’s hoping that Winnipeg will do us a favor and beat Calgary at least once.

Shouldn’t they clinch a home game before they sell tickets?

lol Now there’s a thought.

Can’t wait for next year, already. It’s gonna be a long off season I think ?

Agreed. I got to quite a few games this season. It was a fun season. Now the dreaded long, cold offseason.

That’s really funny, after all that zack has gone through the last few years, he ends up winning the grey cup. Last laugh, good luck zack.

Ironic no doubt. He is a Buck Pierce or a Travis Lulay. Will be great for a team who just needs a few wins but likely will never play a full 18.

he never or couldn’t play a full game with the bombers , he split time with a QB with a broken foot.

i think zack will end up with a team.thst had a proven and capable secind string QB … I actually see winnipeg signing him then flipping Matt to Toronto fir their first back and a.player.

Could see a scenario like that as well. He will have to fit in a system where either he’s a backup or they have a capable backup to go in.