Home Playoff game

So, the Riders clinch a home game...huge victory for the club, especially in the pocket books with all those seats.

Here is the question...would you rather see them get 1st or second? They came out the bye really poorly, so would it benefit them? Yeah, the more you play the more your odds of being eliminated are, obviously, but there is also something to be said about continuity.

Don't think there is much chance of it happening? Well, Riders play the Stamps next week, and that determines the season series. The Stamps play BC in BC to close out the season...BC has a pretty good home record, and it is always a tough place to win. Add on that that Lulay may be back...either way you will have a QB fighting for the starting job in post season, so there is a lot on the line for some BC players.

That said, the Riders close out the season with their 4th game against the Esks, and it is pretty tough to beat any opponent 4 times in a season...could be an interesting finish to the regular season. Big perk for the Riders....IF they win next week, the Stamps play on Friday the following week, Riders on Saturday, so they can adjust personnel a bit if the Stamps close out with a win.

I want a bye. I would rather have to beat the Stamps OR Lions than the Stamps AND Lions.

But however it goes, it goes.

The bigger question is, do you pull out all the gameplan stops to beat Calgary this week or do you save some wrinkles for the playoffs?

I mean, Calgary/BC in week 19 is now meaningless for the Lions. And the Eskimos have played 2 of their very best games against Sask this year. If you're going to split the next 2 games with Calgary, win the playoff one.

If we have to have an away play off game - I'd rather play in Calgary. With the number of Rider fans living in Calgary and able to travel to the game - it will be a 50 / 50 split of fans.

Go Riders Go

Personally I like finishing second as we play at home. No chance of getting rusty. Save the wrinkles for the playoffs, too late now to bring them out. Early in the season is best to see what works during a game…

Definitely would rather have the bye. I was at the West final in 2010 when the Riders won at home, and the atmosphere after the game was great knowing we were going to the Grey Cup. Either way I continue to say the Riders are better than Calgary and should win if they get a chance to play them in the West final.

Realistically, I think odds are slim to host West Final... There is no way BC will beat Calgary in the final game..
And, although I want the Riders to win every game, a loss in Calgary is not that devastating.. Could make the team get even more focused...
Regardless, with how much parity there is the West division, I prefer second place... Get on a roll and stay on a roll. Time off will only hurt execution and create rust. And IMO, the teams are all so close in talent that any team can not afford to take a quarter off to get the rust out..

I can see BC winning in the final week...they only lost twice at home in 2 years in the regular season. I think saying no way they will win is a stretch...they are not going to roll over in the final game, especially if Lulay is back...he will need the bulk of that game with regular offense. Defensively, they are a solid team.

If we finish 1st, the bye is nice but after what happened in the buy week, I would prefer to see them place second and stay in the groove!! :rockin:

Do you think Lulay will be back? He was still in street clothes on the weekend against the Riders. Usually when they are getting close, they will at least dress in gear and hold a clipboard. I think Ray held a clipboard for 2 weeks before he started again...
The tale will be told this weekend on what shakes out for the final week. The Riders need to worry about Calgary first before anything else. Would be nice to see McMahon flooded with Green this upcoming weekend!

Well, he is indicating that he will be practicing this week. I would think if he does he will be dressed and maybe see a series next week, getting more action in the final week. Lulay is their guy, and is their best chance for going on a GC run...if he doesn't play in the final game of the season, I am not sure they take that chance in post season. They need him seeing some action before that. I anticipate him playing the 1st half of the final week and perhaps into the 3rd, then getting yanked. You know he is going to be giving all he can, because if he looks bad, then Demarco comes in and does well, Demarco could end up starting in the 1st game of the post season.

If Demarco starts, he will be pulling out all of the stops because he wants that nod in the post season. A lot on the line for both pivots.

I agree that BC needs Lulay. Now that teams have film on DeMarco, teams seem to be able to exploit his inexperience a little more. I find it funny, that when Lulay went down with the original injury, BC was telling everyone that he would only miss 2 starts. I think Saturday was DeMarco's 5th start? Far cry from 2 weeks...

I think Lulay's shoulder is worse than what BC brass is telling us... I thought I heard mention somewhere that this was the same shoulder he previously had surgery on.. So that can't be good. I have separated my shoulder before and it has never been the same. Probably didn't help me that the majority of my rehab was arm curling Pilsner's though.. :slight_smile:

On the Rider pre-game show the BC radio guy said that Lulay is unable to throw more than 10 yards pain free. I am thinking BC will not risk injuring him further and want him ready for next year.

Maybe Lulay won't be back! I guess time will tell. I honestly thought we would have seen Buck Pierce go in the game. DeMarco was clearly ineffective, throwing 6 interceptions (4 counted). Not sure why BC would not have put him in there? If Lulay was done for the season, you would think it would be even more critical to get Pierce some snaps...

I think if possible you get the bye week. The reason is you get to watch what tricks the other team has and also the fact there is no holding back in the playoffs so any minor injuries can turn major pretty quick.
Yes you run the risk of being a bit rusty but the advantages I think out weigh the disadvantages.

A bye means that BC and Calgary beat the crap out of each other before they play the Riders.

I agree prairiedog and its a toss up which would be more entertaining. Watching BC and Stamps pound the crap out of each other, or watching Tate and Cornish get into it again. Personally I want to see the Tate vs Cornish bout would love see them go toe to toe for about 5 minutes either on or off the field. :cowboy:

"I mean, Calgary/BC in week 19 is now meaningless for the Lions."...by Prairiedog

I thought the same thing at first then I had a re-think. If SSK beats Calgary in the upcoming game SSK will have won the Cal/SSK series. Calgary will play like crazy against B.C. on November 02 should that happen because if Calgary loses to B.C. then whether or not Calgary takes 1st place will depend on the outcome of the SSK/Eskies game.

Bottom Line? Calgary wants 1st place so it can host the Western Final. If the team has wrapped up top spot because SSK loses to Calgary this weekend then the team will go into B.C. Place for a different reason.... to establish supremacy over B.C. in preparation for a potential playoff game against the Lions. Getting crushed by an opponent can have a real psychological effect, especially if the team has been humiliated by the score. The Lions will not want this to happen and there is the potential of it happening should Calgary still be playing for 1st on November 2nd. The last thing the Lions want is to be blown out of B.C. Place and it could happen if 1st place is still not settled. Some think the game against Calgary will be meaningless and little more than an exhibition game. I don't think so.

week 19 is huge for BC. They can’t go into the playoffs playing like they are.

The riders offense can't go into the playoffs playing they way they are either.