Home Playoff Game

The last playoff game at IWS was in 2001. Assuming Montreal doesn't implode the best we can hope for is to host the East Division Semi Final. In those past eight years, the host had eleven wins once (TiCats) ten wins four times, nine once, and eight twice. Realistically, ten wins should get us that playoff game which means we have to finish the season 6&10. After our back-to-back tilts with the blue team we catch Montreal and Calgary four out of the next five games. In my prognostication, that means we have to sweep the blue team next week.

Hamilton is getting stronger with every week and with NFL cuts coming, we might be able to throw Montreal at least once this year and Calgary, maybe more.

It will be extremely difficult to host a playoff game if we can't beat Montreal and Calgary at least once. If this team can continue to progress and get stronger with each game then who knows what might happen in the post-season.

sorry but you say this like Hamilton is the only team that has access to NFL cuts.
What makes you think other teams including Montreal wont do the same to make their team just competitive?
NFL cuts help more than just us ,you know.

Ham. can beat every team in the league. Calgary isnt scaring anyone this year. Only MTL invites doubt.
Getting one out of the next two from MTL is difficult but not impossible.

Ham. will host a playoff game.

i think that we should just focus on toronto for now if we take care of toronto first we can move on to those possibilities tomorrow

I trust the team focuses on the game at hand and not futures. Fans however, not weighed down by such responsibilities, can afford to dream.

We better have a home playoff game. We definitely have a tougher schedule than the blue team.

8 years since a home playoff game. Imagine the opposing offence trying to hear the quarterback cadence calls in the close confines of IWS.

we have 5 games left against Toronto and Winnipeg. We should be able to win at least 4 games.

Split Calgary, win one against Montreal and even if we lose to SSK that's 10 wins. More than enough to host a playoff game.

Lets not get too far ahead opf ourselves at this point.

Were road warriors either way right ; )

A loss on Monday and the play-offs will be a fading dream. We’ll need a loud 13th Man to help the cause.

i'd say that's about right.

Take 4 out of 5 against Toronto/Winnipeg.

Split with Calgary

Win one of the remaining two against Montreal

and i think we can beat Saskatchewan when were at home.

That would leave us with 11 wins. :thup:

And to think that I get accused of getting ahead of myself. Don't get me wrong, I'd be ecstatic to see eleven wins this season, but let's not take the blue team and bummers so lightly. We need to win on Labour Day.

yea i think you're right, i should just shift my focus to the blue team this week.

To all those who think that looking beyond the next game or counting wins before they happen will actually cause the players to lose focus and have a detrimental effect on the team's performance ...

You do realize that we are only fans chatting anonymously on an internet site. Right?

Hey, by next Friday would could be last in the East!!!!!!!!!

Argos take two from us and the Bombers pick up a win we are dead last. We can't be talking playoff games yet.

8) Well the last time the Cats had a home playoff game, it was far from a sell out !!!
  It was a disappointing home crowd (attendance wise) for sure  !!!

  The increase in playoff ticket prices turned a lot of people off at that time.

  Not to blame the TiCats for that price jump, as it is the league that sets the prices for playoff
   games  !!!

  Hopefully after so long without a playoff game, we can sell out this time around  !!  (if we even have
  a home playoff game)  !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

We needed two wins this week. Tonight's loss just might have cost us a home playoff game.