Home Page Poll for this week??

I am just curious why 139 people have said they would start Danny Mac over Burris for this Saturday's game in Regina. As a Rider fan I would like this to happen, but really, no one can actually believe this would eb a smart move. As inconsistent as Burris has been this season so far, no one can deny that he gets intense just thinking about playing the Riders. I don't know why and I wish it wasn't the case, but Burris has the Riders' number thus far and I think it would be stupid to not start him. Maybe pull him if his current streak seems to have ended, but at least start him. What are your thoughts?

Go Riders!!

That's exactly it. It's Rider fans voting for what they want to see happen.

Stumps would be insane to start D Mac.

Im quite sure Burris will get the start at QB on Saturday. D Mac is only there to come in when Burris stumbles like he did last week against BC. If the Rider D holds true to form, they will make Henry look like Flutie on Saturday.

....my D might return the compliment to Joseph....

it should be a high scoring game on saturday …lol

I really, reallly want Burris to start,just for Schultzy

.......ah yes, the old 'knock his head off' play that got Shivers a big fine last year.....

If I was a betting man.... I'd bet the mortgage that Burris starts.