Home Page " In The Media"

On the home page half way down called "In the Media" It list headlines from various newpapers across the country.

Is there a link to these stories that I am missing?

Nope - CFL.ca cannot post the news stories as it infringes on the copyright protection of media outlets. Only the headlines can be displayed.

That makes sense but can you not post a link to the story?

We had many complaints when we posted links on the old CFL.ca, as most media outlets require a subscription to view articles - therefore people would click through and wouldn't be able to view. We received more emails against than for the links, so we decided to do away with them. What good is a link if it doesn't let you read the article?


I liked the old system, yes, some of the links went to subscription pages, but many did not!

At least allow us to see the full headlines without it automatically scrolling, then if we want to find out more we can have the details of where the story comes from.

I agree, I enjoyed looking at different cities Football articles last year and miss it. Yes some of them needed a subscription and couldn't be accessed but several others didn't. For what it's worth, my vote is to bring it back!