Home opener

Tonight is our home opener. We're playing Hamilton. We seem to always play tight games with the Ti-Cats. Hamilton's D looked good. I doubt we'll put up 42 points again. But it is important. The first home game. We need to protect home turf. And we're the only Western team that can start 2-0. It'd be cool if we did. :lol:

Checked the weather and it's rain and perhaps thundershowers for tonights game..........sigh. I look for an enhanced running game with a combination of all our backs getting ball touches, with success I hope. The Cats will be hungry and scratching their way towards Ray who will have to get the ball off quicker than last week; Thus reading the D schemes as the game moves forward will be key to victory. Fumbles, Interceptions, the unexpected..........Yikes.

Since this game is essentially over (two and a half minutes left), I'll post my thoughts. Another good win for Edmonton, and we protected home turf.

But there are some things we can improve on. The O-line is a above average. It isn't giving up a lot of sacks, but there's still too much pressure on Ricky Ray. Fortunately, backs are picking up blocks and Ray's getting rid of the ball quickly. There were times when I swear he was throwing it a split second after catching it. :lol:

Also, the team made far too many mistakes. Couple off-side calls, couple too many men/mix-ups with changes. A time count. You can't make these mistakes, especially at home. That needs to be cleaned up.

The positives: For the first time in a while we have a solid running game. Though it'll be interesting to see what happens when Whitlock returns. But we can worry about having too many backs later. Right now let's enjoy having something we haven't had in years.

Also, I'm beginning to wonder why it took the Eskimos so long to use Barnes. He's been with us for a few seasons, but we never really used him. The guy's lighting it up this season.

And most importantly, Ray looked awesome! I'm so glad to see the old Ray back. Last year was tough to watch. The guy's an all-star and last season the offence was just terrible.

Well I think there is Quality leadership in the dressing room and it all starts with the GM, Coaches and Kavis Reed. We have a new OC; Ricky Ray is getting the ball off quicker and made a couple or more good runs which we seen last year as well. Messam is a power running back and he's clearly happy to be playing football in Edmonton; on the bench there is more morale which is important. The Esks will grow more so as a group in practice; after the B.C. game next week Edmonton will roll into McMahon Stadium in Calgary better prepared than last year. Above all I like what I see and it's nice to start the season at 2-0. Last but not least cheers to our DC and his defensive group.

There's definitely a change in the culture. The morale is higher. Guys are having fun. It's good to see!

Now that you said that; Did anyone notice when Messam scored his touch down and just after he was almost in the process of taunting a Tiger Cat? Right at that very moment a bunch of Eskies surrounded him in joy and off they went to the bench. Close call I say. I'm think perhaps that incident will be addressed by Reed once he see's the tape.

Highlights looked nice! Seems the team plays well together. Ray looks good. Has nice zip on the ball and seems in sync with the receivers.

Nice way to open the season with 2 wins!

Looking at the stats, seems Edmonton is 2nd in PF and 1st in PA, nice....