Home opener!

which teams dont draw 20,000 per game?

Then get a different job if football doesn't pay the bills. Nobody is forcing anyone to be here.

Some people live off less then 55 a Year my Friend.
I live off Roughly 18,000 a year..
I'd Kill for 55,000 a year Job for 6 months out of year.
It not bad pay check for doing something you love to do.

thats right. and if they do it exceptionally well there is big money to be had.

i say, boot this jerk!

ban ban ban ban ban ban

If half of the people attending the game just brought ONE! extra person with them (or convinced them) to the game SELL-OUT! problem solved. We can do this, let's go hamilton (oh yeah, hamilton wins 28-18).

Who's this Beninato creep? You can't come on this website and dump your bilious disdain on Tom! Get lost, or get civilized, buddy! Mods, how about an intervention?

Ya that was rather rude Beninato!

And also, I'll be there, screaming my lungs out! I am so excited, and I decided that Everyone on this forum who will be attending needs to do their part in getting Ivor Wynne back to how it used to be volume wise. We all need to step it up, and be as intimidating as we used to be. I really miss that. I know we can do it, and I just have this feeling about this year!

OSKEE WEE WEE! :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

That was pretty low Beninato. This site is for friendly debates, not personal attacks. Tom gave his two cents, no reason for a personal attack. Tom provides a very valid opinion and is an asset to these forums.

As for the topic this thread is about. I will be there with my good friend and we will scream our lungs off, and we will also be bringing two newcomers with us. Oskee wee wee!

If he feels better with that kind of thing to say then I feel bad for him. The rest of us know what tom means to the team and site and how can we take someone serious who makes comments like that? It sure is one way to get ignored fast on here.

I wish that I could be there for the opener but I can't. But, when we come back tom Ontario this summer, I plan on attending the home game against Edmonton with 3 of my kids. I'm psyched about that....it's been years since my kids and I have been to a home game in Ivor Wynne.

We've gone to Canad Inns to watch our Tabbies every time they come to Winnipeg. But it sure will feel nice to be among Ticat fans and be part of the "Majority" rather than the enemy among them.

8) Wow Beninato, you are not only an expert on economics, but you are also well versed in the art of motivation !!!

All this coming from a brand new member, who thinks it is a disgrace that only 20,000 fans are expected at the home opener, but he himself is not even attending the game !!!!

I thought they taught manners to all you grade 8 kids these days, but obviously not !!!

So typical and pathetic !!!!

I'm taking 2 days off work (bad cough)and travelling 4 1/2 hours for the season opener.
Don't have season tickets but look forward to every opportunity to be there!
GO CATS!!!!!

Thank you for Support Friends.
As for Mr. Beninato
I am use to People like this.
He Just show his Real IQ
If He Can not Debate me on Civil Level and has to use a Personal Attack to get his point across.

This also Coming from a Guy with 12 Posts to his Credit.
He has no Weight with me ..
When he gets to a Level of 100 Post
Then Maybe he worth Paying Mind too.
Until he nothing to worry about

I put up this post to get everyone pumped up about the home opener and try to get all of us to do our part to make it an awesome event and it has turned into a petty squable. Come on guys, let's stay focused...let's make the home opener awesome...encourage as many casual fans to attend as you can...let's make this an amazing night!

a Sellout would be nice to kick off the 2008 Season in Front of the Nation on TSN..

a Sellout would be nice to kick off the 2008 Season in Front of the Nation on TSN..
If it's not sold out we'll make it the loadest opener!!!!
If it's not sold out we'll make it the loadest opener!!!!

I would like to say I am not SAD and yes Bob has been great but the ON FIELD PRODUCT has gotten worse and that is the organizations fault nobody else so if there is only 20,000 fans so be it the FANS ARE FED UP AND HAVE SPOKEN START WINNING and stop the crying


Ticats open at home against a banged up Montreal team that isn't set at FS or MLB. Missing its best slotback and feature back.

Ticats need to take this. They should if they play disciplined game and keep mental errors to a minimum.