Home opener!

Ok everyone,

The home opener is approaching. I get sad when I hear that they are expecting only 20K for the game. I'm going to do my part...Bob has been so good to us over these last few years, the spotlight is going to be on Hamilton since it's the opening game of the season. We need to look awesome! I'm going to bring 2 or 3 "casual fans" with me, who don't commit to the Ticats with season's tickets, but still enjoy a game now and again. And at the game, I'm going to go crazy and show the contry what Hamilton is all about!

I'm going to do my part to make the night AWESOME! Who's with me?

I'd go, if I could. 20,000 for a home opener is a joke, and a slap in the face to the players who work there asses off. What motivation is there to preform and give your all when only 60% of the stadium is full?

A pay cheque.

My thoughts exactly.

Yet, I'll be disappointed if IWS isn't sold out.

Three absolutely dreadful seasons will do that to you. I'll be there though, this is the time when the real fans need to support them the strongest. Things like this can remind the ownersmanagement to appreaciate the "die hard" fans. Not that they've been bad to us, but it's a nice good reminder. :wink:

I've been a season ticket holder for the last few seasons when we played terrible as a team and now that it looks like we've turned the corner I can no longer keep up my tickets because we're now living in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.However my love of the Ticats is still very strong and if it were possible I'd be in my old seats.Good luck Cats.We are really overdue.

I don't get it, you guys in the Hammer have have an exciting and much better team this year and hopefully will challenge for a playoff spot.
So why not buy into it?
I hope to see many of you at the Rogers Centre and again I will attend for the Labour Day.

Will be there for Argo home open Argotom
Should be a Blast

Thanks, look forward to seeing many of my Ticat brothers.

motivation for the players SHOULD be the Grey cup

if u remember last season, the riders were playing to 80% capacity at the start of the season, but as the team got on a roll, mosaic stadium attendance went up, until they were sold-out every game, the team went on to win the grey cup and now it looks like mosaic will be sold-out evey game this season.

so, IWS at 60% capacity can turn to 100% capacity quickly if the team gets hot.

( side note: if the majority of games weren't thursday nites, id prolly have bought season tickets..i prefer weekend games, myself...same goes for the argos )

2 out of 9 regular season home games are on Thursday nights. That's a pretty slim majority.

We got good news Montreal is Coming in Banged up.

Alot guy are hurt look who may not be comming
8 Brady, Marcus QB (shoulder)

17 Hendrix, Jesse DB (ankle)

20 Proulx, Matthieu FS (hamstring)

21 Imoh, Mike RB (calf)

26 Kashama, Alain RE (knee)

[b]33 Payton, Jarrett RB (ankle)

35 Vilimek, Mike FB (knee)[/b]

59 Bourke, Josh T (knee)

[b]84 Thurmon, Elijah WR (knee)

86 Cahoon, Ben SB (quad)[/b]

93 Ellis, Kai LB (knee)

sorry, thurs OR friday nites.

5 out of 9 home games are thursday or fri nite...i cant get to a game after work.

the 3 games i can make it to, i will ( just realized july 12 against sask, ill be at edgefest ).

Iagree with sec29guy, I am not a season ticket holder but still come to almost everygame (i just like to sit different places )but I am asking everyone i know if they are coming to the game. Most of them had no clue when it was. Anyways i try to convice them buy telling them to meet me at the tailgate spot i'll be at the jeep with the ticats flag flying high with a beer in my hand and a burger in my mouth, so when most of them heard burger and beer they said they would try to make it. My point in this whole thing is ask everyone you know if they are going and tell them they should come as we have a much better team this year, and lets make Hamilton proud by being the craziest fans out there.


All the jaw-jackin and speculation is over. Congratulations to the fans of Ticats.ca for a hard fought training camp. :wink: Now let's play some football!

If we can only win some games now I.W. will rock again :thup:

Sorry, but this isn't the NFL. The only player who is getting paid what he deserves is Casey Printers. You have guys on this team, working 10 hours a day in training camp only making $55,000 a year. There is hardly ANY motivation in a CFL pay check

Seems to work for the other teams.

Last time I checked, other teams don't draw 20,000 a game.

And there are many people on here that would consider Hamilton as having the best fans. I would disagree.