Home Opener - possible conflict for TSN

Interesting message from Sully (of the league) on a thread I started in the main CFL board. My post was about a potential conflict between the CFL opener Thursday night and a Game 6 of the NBA Finals if the Raptors don’t win tonight and Monday.

Game 6 is scheduled for Thursday night on TSN. If that game takes place any hope of a decent kickoff to the season with good ratings and some media attention to help generate some excitement for the league would be lost in a Game 6 Raptors tsunami.

Sully’s post on the main board in response to that.

The league is aware and will take action if needed. http://forums.cfl.ca/Smileys/default/smiley.gif
Does that mean a potential earlier start than 7:30PM?

I know tonight that Toronto FC moved up there game at BMO Field from 8:00PM to 7:00PM so that their game is over just as the Raptors game starts. (Then they are inviting fans to watch the Raptors game on the scoreboard there.)

Stay tuned.

That would be fantastic if they did move it to 6pm…I’m torn…I want to go to the home opener but if the raptors are playing I’ll leave at half time.

Not a problem here. Managed to live three quarters of a century without ever watching a basket ball game. Of course, I have only ever watched one episode of ‘The Simpsons’, so I am not really in a position to judge :).

For those who are committed - “Go Raptors?!! Hope your scheduling conflict can be resolved satisfactorily.

Go Cats! Go Raps!

I don’t see a conflict. Football starts at 7:30 should be finished by 10-10:30. Plenty of time to get home to see the last minute (which takes half hour) of the basketball game. Conflict resolved

There may not be a game 6.

I don’t support the Toronto Argos so I’m not about to support any other Toronto team. Mostly bandwagon fans in Toronto anyways.

You’ve only seen one Simpsons’ episode and you’ve never seen Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics . Palmer, you gotta get out more . ;D ;D ;D

Pat Lynch (just another old guy)

Too bad you missed seeing it when it was a game, before it became more of a show. I played it, at Delta, when it was my second choice of all games. But, I have trouble watching the NBA, today, when common fouls go uncalled, pretty much in every minute of every game – “carrying” which used to be known as palming, “traveling,” and “illegal dribbling” which was, back then, called double dribbling.

The conflict is with the league’s broadcast partner. Not you.

Just through I’d throw that out there.

However Expat is right, the way GS looked last night there won’t be a game 6.

I’m a huge CFL fan. Try to watch every game I can on TV and haven’t missed more than a handful of Ticat home games in the last 40+years…but…I’ve also watched almost all Raptor games for the last 24 years. Basketball is exciting and yes the game has changed. Just because it’s a Toronto based team, just like the Jays , it’s Canada’s team. Obviously you’ve missed the last two games where we’ve shown up some narrow minded Americans leaving early while tons of Raptor fans at Oracle arena chanting “We The North!?
These are not the hated Argos…the Raptors are the face of CANADA right now. You should try to enjoy the positive exposure this team has given Canada with the myopic US media.
I’ve lost track of how many consecutive sellout crowds the Raptors have had so I wouldn’t call this a bandwagon following.
Your the one losing out on the excitement and maybe history in the making.

Don’t like it…don’t watch…

Go Raptors!!

Raptors regular season tv ratings are in the 500,000 range. Bandwagon jumpers. Yep.

“Watch party” on the concourse. I’m so there.

Your the smartest ass I’ve seen in a long time! You sir, are an artist!

I agree, Dork is one of the reasons I read this forum.

There is no conflict. TSN has already prepared for it. Saskatchewan/Hamilton is going to be shown on TSN 3 & 5, while Golden State/Toronto Game 6 (if necessary) will be shown on TSN 1 & 4. If there is no game 6 than I suppose 1 & 4 will show the CFL game instead…

Toronto is #4 in the league cfor attendance and #11 for worth. That’s a strong and solidly supported team.

I hear you about the rest, though. Not an Argos fan, hate the Leafs and will automatically start cheering for any other Canadian MLB or NBA team that ever comes here.

It would be Amazing if the Ti-cats put the Raptor Game on the Jumbo-tron Immediately following the football game on Thursday, if there is a game 6. I am coming from Waterloo and would have to find a place to watch the last quarter of basketball before hitting the highway.

That’s not a problem at all. 8)

I only have Cambridge to get to but am in the same boat. ?