Home Opener photos ...

Enjoy :thup:

http://tinyurl.com/2ovhoo :lol:

Thanks, but no.

I'm trying to forget.

Hopefully I be able to take some photos of a winner Saterday ..

also TSN is Covering the Game not CBC.

We win more of our games when they are on TSN..

Just kidding.

Nice pics! Keep 'em coming.

Great pics.

Who is the guy talking to Avery in that pic. I can't place him.

keenan howry 82 wr pr

Great thanks. We were trying to place him and by process of elimination I thought that's who it might be.

Really nice pictures . :wink:

Onknight!, No Jo Jo Walker! What the heck! :x LoL

:thup: Great Pics man! Keep it up :lol:

wow Onknight, great photos!!! especially the photos of the cheerleaders in those hawt outfits. I don't care if the team loses anymore as long as those cheerleaders wear those outfits, i'm good.

I did Take photos of Jojo ..
I just did not add them to photo bucket
I took 350 Photos that day
I am only show you guys a few of the photos.

cool thanks

please post more photos of the cheerleaders. They were the highlights of the game. :slight_smile: