Home opener not until Monday August 3rd

two road games, a bye week, two more road games before we play at home.


Yeah with Pan Am going in Hamilton no way to get a home opener before August, at earliest.

Weird schedule!

Ti-Cats start the season with 2 road games, a bye week, two more road games before finally playing their home opener on the holiday Monday August 3rd! With them finishing with 3 of their last 4 weeks also on the road as well that means between August 3 and October 9th - during those 11 weeks they have 8 home games, just two road games (one of those just down the road in Toronto on the Friday night after Labour Day) and their second bye week

Argo's HOME OPENER is in Ft. McMurray Alberta ! :roll: Quite the commute.

Yup - Argos don’t play a ‘real’ home game until August 8th in Week 7 and then they finish the season with 5 in a row at home.

They will only play 5 in a row at home if the Blue Jays don't make the playoff's , if they do, then it may be back to Ft. Mac for the Argo's.


8 games against East teams and 10 against west

9 of last 14 at home

Bye on weeks #3 and #14


And I forgot to mention that the Ti-Cats home opener is a 7:00PM start on the holiday Monday August 3rd against those Argos. So combine that with the Labour Day game and the Friday immediately following that in Toronto - we will have three games within 39 days against them.

Is that really a road game? the last few years playing in Toronto is more like a home game. No real travel time, no overnight stays and just as many Ticat fans as Argo fans. Two games in Toronto a season is like 10 home games.

This year we only play there (Toronto) - once on the Friday after Labour Day.

Once the Ti-Cats return from the July 26th trip to Regina other than a trip out to Edmonton for their August 21st game they are basically at home until a trip to Montreal on October 18th. So one actual 'road' game in almost 3 months.

So in other words they will play 5 games in a row at home :lol:

The Ticats just can't seem to catch a break schedule or stadium wise the past few seasons. At least the stadium will be completed this time (I think)

That's not much different from last year when we played them for the first time on Labour Day and then twice in October, two weeks apart and both of those games were in TO. A little over 39 days scheduled for this year, but still close together.

Ah next year when the dust has settled..... Have to admit that Austin has done an EXCELLENT job with the team in spite of all the stadium disruption in his first two years, :thup: so this season will just seem like more of the same! They will deal with the adversity and still have a good season! :slight_smile:

I like the schedule...more time at "the cottage". :thup:

I think the players will like it too...the only cold weather before the play-offs might be Ottawa, and besides, that's an afternoon game. (late October or early November in Edmonton, Winnipeg or Regina could be real cold)

Would be better to have a late season "cold weather" game to help acclimatize them for playing the GC in Winnipeg in late November! :wink: :lol: