Home opener - June 17, 2023


I was just going to post the same tweet. What an excellent way to introduce the schedule!

There are a lot of 4PM start times for the Lions home games this summer:


The 4pm starts is something Doman was wanting this season. They can bring more fans in from out of town plus it has to work out for TSN out in the east being a 7pm start and not a 10pm start.


Plus fans will be there at dinner time. :hamburger: :hotdog: :beer:

No, there are lots of eastern fans who are tired of staying up with 10PM game starts so we will see how this works out.

Good for the young fans out east too, they can watch the games without staying up past midnight.


Not completely sold on the 4:00pm kick-offs on Saturdays. Yes, I get the argument about Interior and Island fans and the small fry. But are there enough of them to offset the locals and adults you may lose? There is so much going on in Greater Vancouver on Saturday afternoons for a lot of people. Work, beach, picnics, hikes.

And home playoffs aside, it's a far less raucous atmosphere as spectators tend to be more mellow in the afternoon than they are at night (ask any live theatre director this...especially true for football fans who are far more likely to have had a drink or two prior to Saturday evening kick-offs).

That’s the reasons you heard but not the entire picture. CFL is chasing the TV money and hoping to build an American Eastern audience. You can’t maximize the North American ratings if your game starts at 10 ET. They are willing to sacrifice the night weekend games during the season for that reason.

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Being the second game of a double header or third game of a triple header was an issue for viewers imo. The new schedule is far more viewer friendly and could make one ask the question why so long.

10 pm EST is too late. 9 pm on a night with only one game is not so bad.

Time zone issue is a big deterrent to an Atlantic Canada expansion imo.


Agreed. There's been much mention of the new schedule being tailored for US TV viewers, but I think it's as much tailored for Canadian TV viewers.